Simply Better Car Wash Doors

The Wynd Star® MT door was developed specifically for harsh car wash environments. With corrosion-resistant materials and a Break-Away™ design, it is engineered for high-volume car wash applications that demand low-maintenance doors. The design eliminates pneumatics, cables, springs, hinges, belts, pulleys and other high-maintenance parts for years of trouble-free operation.

Ideal for car wash applications, the Wynd Star® MT can be built up to 14' wide or 12' high, up to 144 square feet.

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  • Built using industrial-strength components for minimal maintenance even in high-cycle car wash environments.

  • Quick door opening and closing helps contain heat, reduce the possibility of freezing and conserve energy.

  • UL-recognized components and a simple door controller allow for easy set-up and troubleshooting.

  • Clear vinyl panels provide increased visibility while the modular design allows for easy replacement.


  • Tough, Tear-Resistant Vinyl Available in a Variety of Colors

  • Clear Vinyl Panels

  • Rigid Composite Side Guides

  • Flexible Plastic Bottom Edge

  • Jamb-Wrap Side Guide Design

  • Replaceable Side Brush Seals

  • Dynamic "Contactless" Top Seal

  • Plastic Hood & Motor Cover


  • Conveyor Cut-Outs