Heavy-Duty Doors Help Keep Heavy Equipment Moving

July 11, 2022

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Heavy Duty Fast-Seal

Heavy-duty equipment is used in some of the world’s harshest environments, where it needs to be protected by doors that are just as tough. Heavy-duty, high-performance doors are engineered to streamline heavy equipment service and storage needs, even in the most demanding environments – from 100-degree plus temperatures in desert and tropical regions to minus 50 degrees in extreme northern climates.

Designed for tough environments

Heavy-duty, high-performance doors are designed to last, even in the most challenging environments.

High-torque motors. High-performance doors used in heavy equipment applications need to be able to move large door panels efficiently and reliably. In addition, motors need to power the fast opening and closing speeds that are required to minimize the odds of equipment collisions, reduce energy costs and help maintain a comfortable environment inside the facility.

Rytec heavy-duty doors use direct-drive variable-speed motors with integrated controls and diagnostics, which help to ensure trouble-free operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Frame and head durability. Large, high-performance doors used in heavy equipment facilities require durable drums and shafts, springs, side frames and head assemblies that can withstand the forces caused by the large door panels opening and closing.

Tough panel materials. Many high-performance doors come in a variety of panel options or configurations. This is particularly true for fabric doors that offer increased thickness and/or structural weaving, as well as chemical/temperature resistance options. These heavy-duty panels provide excellent durability and flexibility, regardless of variations in ambient temperature and weather conditions.

Wind/pressure resistance. Because many of these work sites are in remote, windswept areas, doors must be designed to dynamically respond to high-pressure wind loads. Wind ribs or bars on fabric high-performance doors are often used to increase their wind and pressure resistance.

Impact or breakaway capability. Heavy equipment doors must be able to withstand impacts if and when vehicles collide with them. Some high-performance rubber and fabric doors can release without damage to the panel and be reset within minutes, minimizing downtime and helping to keep the heavy equipment fleet moving.

Specialized door controllers. Most high-performance doors have a door controller that’s independent from the motor drive. This controller is critical to durability, as it needs to be capable of operating the motor with strength and precision – while accommodating various application requirements, such as high or low temperatures, moisture and integration with other facility systems.

Heavy-duty, high-performance doors are engineered to handle the tough requirements of heavy-duty equipment.

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