Specialized Door Options for Parking and Government Operations

September 19, 2022

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Specialized door options for parking and government operations

Doors used in parking structures and government facilities – such as fire and police stations – need to provide top-notch security, uncompromising performance and excellent aesthetics. In other words, the equivalent of a football linebacker with chiseled good looks AND unbelievable speed.

Today’s high-performance doors are built for durability, strength and long-term security. But they can also be customized to match the architectural style of your building or garage. Leading manufacturers like Rytec offer several options to enhance the functionality and style of their high-performance doors.

Rytec Painted Spiral Door

A wide variety of door colors and finishes

The modern, crisp lines and materials of high-performance doors coordinate with almost any architectural style. Unlike traditional overhead doors, they offer a wide selection of RAL classic or custom match colors that fit the visual appeal of your building or parking structure. They can even be treated with a wood grain finish to match the décor of the building.


Durable vision slats

LEXAN™ vision slats set a new standard of aesthetics and functionality for parking garages and government buildings. These shatter-proof and scratch-resistant LEXAN vision slats provide excellent visibility and natural light, while maintaining the security of a rigid door. Plus, LEXAN vision slats are standard on Rytec Spiral® FV® doors, offering a high-tech look and added safety for your parking garage or government building.  

Rytec Ventilated Slats for Spiral Doors

Ventilation options

High-performance doors offer ventilation options that help keep residents and guests safe while providing improved airflow between the parking structure and the outside world. Ventilated commercial doors maximize the inflow of fresh air while helping reduce air pollutants, odors and the potential for mold growth, as well as helping prevent pests and debris from entering the structure. The rigid construction of ventilated roll-up doors maintains a highly secure environment, maximizing airflow without compromising building security.

High-performance technology

Rytec offers some of the most advanced door options in the industry:

  • Activation & Access Remote Control (AARC®) – Featuring Bluetooth and app-based technology, AARC allows visitors to parking facilities and government properties to use smart devices for instant entry and exit accessibility.
  • SmartSurround™ Advanced Detection & Alert SystemSmartSurround combines artificial intelligence, optical light curtains and high-intensity LED safety lights to detect and monitor traffic and then provide visual warnings and alerts. It’s now standard on most Rytec Spiral® door models.
  • Rytec Connect® Remote Door Monitoring & Management – Using cloud-based technology, Rytec Connect remotely manages all connected Rytec high-performance doors.

Specialized door configurations

In addition, Rytec offers several specialized configurations of its popular Spiral® high-performance doors to meet unique application needs:

Low headroom – The Spiral® LH® door requires just 11 inches of headroom, allowing you to maximize performance when there’s not enough vertical space to install a high-performance roll-up door. This is very useful when retrofitting or renovating older buildings and parking structures.

Weather-proof –Rytec Spiral® HZ® and Spiral® LH-HZ® doors are engineered to stand up to hurricane-force winds and driving rain.

Whether you're looking for the highest level of security made of steel or a quick, high-performance solution such as a fabric roll-up door, Rytec has a door to fit your needs. Contact us today to discuss your needs.