The First High-Speed Freezer Door and Still a Workhorse

The Fast-Fold Freezer was the first high-performance door used in cooler and freezer applications and gave birth to the idea of high-speed doors in cold storage environments. By combining speed with full-height visibility and the ability to take a hit, the door provides time-tested durability and dependability.

Ideal for freezers, warehousing and distribution, the Fast-Fold Freezer can be built up to 12' wide x 16' high.


  • Insulated head and side frames in conjunction with a sealed panel assembly help maintain and separate environments.

  • Opening speeds of up to 84 inches per second help maintain temperatures and improve traffic flow.

  • Heavy-duty, low-temperature PVC panels offer full visibility and the durability to withstand a hit with little or no damage. 


  • 3/8-inch low temperature Puralon™ door panels

  • Vertically seamed panel connections

  • Insulated door panels

  • Heavy-duty insulated side frames and covers


  • Tec-Lights, Tec-Lights with unheated blower, and heated blower systems

  • Severe-duty motor