RYTEC 201 - Intermediate Programming and Troubleshooting

Thank you for your interest in the Rytec University Program. You are registering for the intermediate course, Intermediate Programming and Troubleshooting Rytec High Performance Doors. This course is designed for service technicians, maintenance personnel and others with previous door experience but limited high performance door knowledge with a minimum of 6 months troubleshooting experience. Upon full completion of this 2 day course you will receive a Rytec 201 Certification. If you have not passed the Rytec 101 Introductory course please click here. If you have passed the Rytec 201 Intermediate course and are looking for the Rytec 301 Advanced course, click here.

To begin the registration process you will need to take a 30 minute uninterrupted timed pre-test with questions related to Rytec high performance doors. Note there is no option to save or pause. It is important these questions be answered without using the internet or asking for assistance from others, because this determines which class level you qualify for. If you’re placed in a class too advanced for your current knowledge level, it causes a significant time loss during the 2 day period for the rest of the students. Thank you for your understanding.

Click Here to start the Rytec 30 minute pre-test