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Activation & Access Remote Control (AARC)

Rytec AARC®

Featuring Bluetooth and app-based technology, parking and property access is now efficient, convenient and affordable. Customers, residents and visitors to parking facilities and other commercial properties can use iOS or Android devices for instant entry and exit access. Additional activation devices are not required, making parking, fleet and warehouse operations easily accessed and managed.

Ideal for long-term and short-term parking applications as well as commercially-managed or residential properties.

  • App-based Bluetooth activation from within 50 feet of door or 3G activation without distance limitations
  • Bluetooth, 3G Cellular and wireless loop activation capability
  • Optional remote/encrypted key fob availability
  • App-/web-online/cloud-based user management
  • Selective access via authorized user list
  • Easily add or delete users
  • Single output for ‘door open’ or ‘door not closed’ message

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