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Ancillary Components to Enhance Performance and Assure Safety

High-performance doors require high-performance components. Due to high-speed, high-cycle operation, safety around the opening is critical. Our ancillary components provide that and additional value by increasing awareness of door movement and providing simplified instructions for troubleshooting and door operation. Using state-of-the-art technology and high-quality construction, these industrial door components help take performance to the next level while providing extraordinary reliability.

During the current coronavirus outbreak, hands-free activation and touchless operation can be crucial in ensuring safe, hygienic access to plants, workplaces and parking facilities. Download the Touchless High Performance Highlight sheet and access all ancillary components below.

See our wide range of Ancillary Components

Rytec AARC

Rytec AARC®

Remote technology for instant entry/exit access via iOS or Android devices.

SmartSurround light curtain

Rytec SmartSurround®

High speed door awareness technology with traffic-sensing light curtains and LED safety lights. Learn about Rytec’s SmartSurround® detection & alert system.

System 4 Door Controller

System 4® Door Controller

High-performance door controller provides intelligent processing, total digital control, self-monitoring and self-diagnostics.