Why Choose Rytec Doors?

The Rytec Promise: Quality You Can Trust. Performance You Can Rely On.

At Rytec, we understand the need for reliable, high-speed doors that can withstand hundreds of operating cycles – sometimes in a single day. That’s why we specialize in bringing companies quality, high-performance doors. From door installation to routine maintenance updates, we work diligently to provide our customers with service that matches. We are staffed with experienced sales representatives who believe in establishing lasting relationships with our customers. They possess the expertise to best advise which door your application requires in order to ensure superior performance.

We know that in order for your business to run smoothly, it is important to eliminate costs and downtime due to damage and repairs. Our doors are equipped with exclusive features and durable components making them well worth the initial investment. Whether it’s to improve security or minimize air filtration, with rapid opening & closing speeds that offer a tight seal, we have a door to meet your unique and specific needs.

We take great pride in being a company our customers can depend on to continually provide high quality, high-speed doors that are guaranteed to perform day in and day out.

Maximum Speed
Operates up to 7 times faster than conventional doors. Select models operate at speeds over 100 inches per second. 
hard hat
Maximum Safety
Integrated safety technology on every door and additional safety options are available for specific applications and environments. 
wrench          Minimal Maintenance 
Our doors are engineered for high use and low maintenance. Select models are designed with break-away or self repair features if impacted. 
Maximum Utility 
Increase productivity, decrease energy costs and increase security within a broad array of environments.
Modern Technology
Exclusive System 4® Door Controller, Ry-Wi® Wireless System and Advanced Light Curtain Safety System provide high-tech functionality and intelligent operation.
looping circle          Maximum Longevity
Industrial-strength construction and materials make Rytec doors extremely durable for virtually uninterrupted operation. Built to last millions of operating cycles, day in and day out.