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Why Choose Rytec Doors?

Our Promise: Quality You Can Trust. Performance You Can Rely On.

At Rytec, we understand the need for reliable, high-speed doors that can withstand hundreds of operating cycles – sometimes in a single day. That’s why we specialize in bringing companies quality, high-performance doors. From door installation to routine maintenance technical support, we work diligently to provide our customers with service that matches. We are staffed with experienced sales representatives who believe in establishing lasting relationships with our customers. They possess the expertise to best advise which door your application requires in order to ensure superior performance.

In addition, we are currently midway through our ‘Smart Factory’ initiative, and updating equipment at both of our facilities to better serve our customers. Click here to learn more.

We know that in order for your business to run smoothly, it is important to eliminate costs and downtime due to damage and repairs. Our doors are equipped with exclusive features and durable components making them well worth the initial investment. Whether it’s to improve security or minimize air filtration, with rapid opening & closing speeds that offer a tight seal, we have a door to meet your unique and specific needs.

We take great pride in being a company our customers can depend on to continually provide high quality, high-speed doors that are guaranteed to perform day in and day out.

Maximum Speed

Operate up to 7 times faster than conventional doors with average opening speeds from 50 to 100 inches per second. Select models open at speeds over 182 inches per second.

Maximum Safety

Integrated safety features and technology are a standard part of Rytec doors - to protect people and equipment. Many additional safety options are available for specific applications and environments.

Minimal Maintenance

Our doors are engineered for high use and low maintenance. Select models are designed with break-away or self repair features if impacted.

Maximum Utility

Increased productivity, decreased energy costs and increased security within a broad array of environments.

Modern Technology

Innovative solutions such as SmartSurround™ Detection & Alert System, Advanced3 Light Curtain Safety System and System 4® Door Controller provide an array of intuitive technology that detects, monitors and controls activity, ensuring high-tech functionality and intelligent operation.

Maximum Longevity

Industrial-strength construction and materials make Rytec doors extremely durable for virtually uninterrupted operation. Built to last millions of operating cycles, day in and day out.

High-Performance Doors are the Focus at Rytec

When you buy a Rytec door, you not only get high speed and high performance, you get the backing of the undisputed leader in the industry. That means the assurance of working with a company known around the world for making doors that work – day in, day out, cycle after cycle. Unlike other companies in our industry, doors aren’t a side line for Rytec. They’re our only business, exclusively. This is why there are over 150,000 Rytec doors in operation today.

Rytec corporate offices and manufacturing operations are headquartered in Jackson, Wisconsin, with additional manufacturing operations in Hartford, Wisconsin*. Customer support is provided through a dedicated network of local dealers and installers throughout North America.

At Rytec, we actively promote the core values of Accountability, Respect, Commitment, Integrity and Collaboration in dealing with our associates, our business partners and our communities. We encourage you to become a part of the ever-growing list of satisfied Rytec customers and partners – discover the quality, performance and reliability of Rytec.

*In February, 2018, Rytec acquired additional property in Hartford, WI, in order to support the company’s continued growth. See the article in Milwaukee Business News or read more in the News feature on our website.

Interested in working at Rytec? Check out the Careers page.

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