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Clean Room Doors for Controlled Environments

Designed for Cleanliness, Engineered for Performance

Our high-performance clean room doors are designed and engineered for cleanliness. The tight seals and high speeds minimize air exchange between areas. Mechanical accessibility and the ability to clean are seamlessly integrated into the design. Collection points and conventional seams are minimized, and long life is ensured with corrosion-resistant and chemical-resistant materials.

Common use-cases for these clean room doors:

  • Medical Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical operations
  • Food Storage
  • Ensure compliance with cGMP and FDA regulations

See below for our clean room roll-up doors most suited for protection as well as repeated cleaning.

Resource Downloads:

high speed door openings on clean room

Recommended Doors for Clean Rooms



High-performance hygienic USDA-compliant rolling door for wash-down applications in food and beverage and pharmaceutical operations.

pharma-seal high performance fabric doors


High-performance rolling door provides a superior seal, increased safety and environmental control for cGMP and class-rated applications.

Plexline Door

Plexline® Clean

High-performance composite rolling door is a stainless steel alternative that provides an economical option for cGMP and food processing and other environments.

PredaClean fabric doors along a warehouse roller conveyor


High-performance rolling door with stainless steel and aluminum components to accommodate wipe-down and meet FDA guidelines.

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