Increased Security for Parking Operations

With an estimated 2 billion parking spaces in the United States, competition is driving the need for more efficient and secure parking. Many businesses, including universities, hospitals, airports, and theme parks, can’t function without safe and effective parking. Whether designing or managing parking facilities, maintaining security and complete control are critical aspects of a successful operation. We understand this at Rytec, and offer a wide variety of high-performance parking garage doors that are built for durability, strength and long-term security while maintaining overall structural aesthetic.  

Check out our high security commercial parking garage doors below or contact us to discuss your facilities' needs.


Enhancing Style & Design in Parking Applications

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  • Provide Stylish Security
  • Accentuate Surroundings
  • Feature Modern and Traditional Appeal
  • Offer Customizable Options
  • Are Ultra-Quiet and Fast
Rytec Parking Gallery

Securing Access & Facility Maintenance

  • Spiral series doors offer rigid aluminum double walled slats for security
  • Fabric and rubber doors provide excellent separation between areas and from environmental variants
  • High-speed, integral rubber weather seals and low maintenance design provide energy efficiency and optimal performance in a variety of conditions
  • Backed by Rytec's comprehensive support, our doors provide quality, reliability, and performance for day in and day out use

Enhanced Technology

Rytec high-performance doors not only provide specialized door application models and aesthetic features, but operational features to serve the needs of any parking facility.

  • Advanced System 4® Controller that can integrate with door opening security systems
  • Safety signaling options to warn when door is opening or closing
  • Rytec Connect™ remote door monitoring and management system
Rytec Spiral Parking Door

Lasting Aesthetics

  • Modern, crisp lines and materials coordinate with many types of architectural styles
  • Variety of RAL classic or custom match colors help fit the visual appeal of individual structures and buildings
  • Fits variety of installation applications including underground, street level, and even free standing structures
Spiral Parking Door

Reliability to Count On

  • Reliable operation assures smooth, efficient, high-volume continuous traffic flow
  • High speed reduces the risk of tailgating and piggybacking or entrance of unauthorized traffic into the facility
  • Made with durable materials to withstand changing and harsh weather environments from snow and salt to hurricane winds

Parking Testimonial

Want to see our parking structure doors in action? Pearl Communities installed Rytec doors in their parking structures due to our product's longevity, ease of installation, and high opening speeds which let vehicles breeze through without the need to stop. Just take a look at Pearl's testimonial video.