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Parking Garage Doors for Secure Parking Facilities

Incorporate Aesthetics, Performance and Reliability into Parking Operations

Residential buildingsoffice buildings, professional facilities—even entire cities—can benefit from the installation of a high-performance, high-speed door. Maintaining traffic security, control and efficiency are critical aspects of a successful parking operation. High-performance doors allow quick and controlled movement through your facility so everyone can get to what’s important faster. High-speed parking garage doors also match the high-tech feel of automated parking system (APS) garages that are becoming more popular in urban areas. There are many advantages to choosing Rytec, such as sustaining employee and customer security while increasing productivity, all with minimal maintenance.

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Safeguarding and Securing Facilities

There are many safety features designed to protect vehicles and people at the point of entry while also to providing facility security – Rytec doors can help with both.

  • Equipped with multiple safety features including warning light systems, photo eyes and wireless reversing edges
  • High-speed operation provides optimal traffic flow and reduces the risk of tailgating and piggybacking activities or unauthorized individuals accessing the facility 

Technology that Provides Efficiency

Accessing a facility’s parking garage should be a fast and easy task. With a variety of optional features high performance doors provide an excellent means of access.

  • Rytec SmartSurround® Advanced Detection & Alert System combines artificial intelligence, optical light curtains and high-intensity LED safety lights to detect and monitor traffic and provide visual alerts
  • Our Advanced System 4® Controller provides greater functionality and unprecedented efficiency
  • Rytec Connect® remote door monitoring and management system ensures 24/7 tracking on door operations
  • Rytec AARC® introduces remote activation and access control through app-based technology
Rytec Spiral Parking Door

Enduring Aesthetics

  • Modern, crisp lines and materials coordinate with many types of architectural styles
  • Custom colors ensure visual style fits individual structures and buildings
  • Variety of options including ventilation, vision, rigid slats and performance fabric material support almost any application needs

Rytec Spiral Parking Door

Performance and Reliability

  • Engineered for high-traffic, high-cycle environments and withstand the daily rigors of use for millions of operating cycles
  • Low maintenance design assures smooth, continuous operation without expensive ongoing maintenance needs
  • Proven to withstand harsh weather environments with integral weatherseals and durable construction

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Parking Testimonial

Rytec customers have been happy with our doors for their parking operations due to ease of installation, longevity, aesthetic appeal, and most importantly, fast opening and closing speed. Take our friends at 2727 Kirby who chose our doors for their security, but also for continuing a modern feel throughout their complex. Check out their video testimonial for more information!

Parking Security Guide

Fast and Secure. Reliable Rytec doors deliver the security people expect.

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Specialized Parking Industries

Parking Garage Door for Office Buildings

Office Buildings

Fast-acting, reliable doors provide control over traffic, minimize maintenance and help create a positive experience.

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Enhancing Style & Design in Parking Applications

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