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Parking Garage Doors that Drive Secure Parking Facilities

Integrate Aesthetics, Performance and Reliability into Any Parking Operation

Parking security is a top ‘must-have’ for residential apartment and condo buildings, office buildings and standalone parking facilities used for hospitals, universities, airports, arenas and more. Residents, patrons and employees expect a secure environment to park their vehicles. These users have higher expectations today – they want more than simply a place to park their vehicle. They want a secure, safe place that keeps them from inclement weather, opportunistic carjackers and unauthorized loiterers. Building owners expect parking structure doors to maintain their buildings’ design and aesthetics while providing fast, reliable and secure operation – and be one less problem to manage. High-performance, high-speed parking garage doors offer that security and also ensure increased efficiency with day in, day out reliability.

Rytec high-performance secure parking doors provide the best of both worlds – maximizing traffic flow with minimal maintenance required plus offering drivers the feeling of a secure environment. We offer solutions for nearly every application, from standalone parking garages, parking lots, and underground parking facilities to today’s modern automated parking structures. We also offer fabric high-speed parking garage doors to separate areas from environmental elements, help traffic flow and maintain control of parking operations.

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Safeguarding and Securing Facilities

There are many safety features designed to protect vehicles and people at the point of entry and provide overall facility security – and Rytec doors feature both standard and optional components.

  • Rapid opening and closing cycles effectively deter unauthorized access
  • High-speed operation provides optimal traffic flow and reduces the risk of tailgating and piggybacking activities or unauthorized individuals accessing the facility
  • Equipped with multiple safety features including warning light systems, photo eyes and wireless reversing edges

Technology that Provides Efficiency

Accessing a facility’s parking garage should be a fast and easy task. With a variety of optional features high performance doors provide an excellent means of access.

  • Rytec AARC® introduces remote activation and access control through app-based technology
  • Rytec Connect® remote door monitoring and management system ensures 24/7 tracking of door operations
  • Our Advanced System 4® Controller provides greater functionality and unprecedented efficiency with capabilities to connect to a variety of security systems
  • Rytec SmartSurround® Advanced Detection & Alert System combines artificial intelligence, optical light curtains and high-intensity LED safety lights to detect and monitor traffic and provide visual alerts
Rytec Spiral Parking Door

Lasting Aesthetics

  • Modern, crisp lines and materials coordinate with many types of architectural styles ensuring visual appeal is not sacrificed but rather works with performance and reliability
  • Custom options and a variety of RAL classic or custom match colors ensure visual style fits individual structure and building needs
  • Variety of options including rigid ventilated or vision slats and performance fabric material to support almost any application including underground or enclosed parking.

Rytec Spiral Parking Door

Performance and Reliability

  • Engineered for high-traffic, high-cycle environments and to withstand the daily rigors of use for millions of operating cycles
  • Low maintenance design assures smooth, continuous operation without extensive ongoing maintenance needs
  • Proven to withstand harsh weather environments with integral weatherseals and durable construction

Parking Security Guide

Fast and Secure. Reliable Rytec doors deliver the security people expect.

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Recommended Doors for the Parking Industry

Fast Seal doors at Alberta Children's Hospital Calgary


The first high-performance Break-Away™ door, engineered to last, take a hit and withstand high winds or negative pressure in virtually any application.

PD AD Royal Palm Mazda, Royal Palm, FL

PredaDoor® NXT®

Versatile and durable high-performance rolling door provides unprecedented reliability for numerous interior and exterior applications.

Rytec Spiral


High-performance rigid rolling door with quality construction and architectural style can be used wherever security, aesthetics and reliability are priorities.

Spiral FV Exterior Night

Spiral® FV® (Full Vision)

Ultra-high-performance rigid rolling door provides full-height vision for added safety, without compromising security. With clear, bronze or grey tinted slats.

Spiral Low Headroom Hurricane Zone Rolling Door

Spiral® LH®-HZ®

High-performance, low-headroom door engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds while providing safety and security.

Spiral® LP (Low Profile)

High-performance rigid rolling door designed with a low profile and low headroom configuration to fit in limited space applications while providing safety and security.

Rytec Spiral VT Door

Spiral® VT (Ventilated)

High-performance rigid rolling door with unique panel design allows for maximum ventilation while maintaining safety, speed and security.

Spiral LH Door

Spiral® LH® (Low Headroom)

Unique low-headroom track configuration allows for installation within 11-inch clearance space, while providing safety and security.

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Enhancing Style & Design in Parking Applications

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