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Commercial Overhead Hurricane Rated Doors

Engineered to Withstand Hurricane Force Wind Loads

Hurricane season spans from May to November. That is a long time for the possibility of an event to occur that could result in costly damage. Having a commercial door that can withstand hurricane winds, as well as debris picked up by strong winds, is important when it comes to protecting inventory, equipment, and even the building itself. If the door is damaged, strong winds can cause the pressure inside the building to greatly increase, which may cause foundation damage. Many states along the coast, such as Florida, have wind and building codes with which businesses must comply. Rytec will help provide your business with proper hurricane zone doors – to meet these codes, protect your valuable business and save you money on repairs.

Why Rytec Hurricane Zone Doors?

When speed, safety and security aren’t enough, Rytec offers high-performance doors engineered to stand up to the wind and rain of a hurricane. Hurricane doors help keep rain and flood waters out better than standard garage doors, while staying aligned in their tracks. Built for durability and strength, these doors will outlast standard garage doors and give your property and belongings long term protection, during and after hurricane season.  If your facilities are within a hurricane zone, consider these doors for maximum protection.

hurricane zone aluminum rolling door

Our Doors Stand Strong Under Heavy Winds and Missile Impact

Able to withstand winds up to 175 miles per hour and small missile impact, our hurricane resistant doors are built to last in extreme conditions. With heavy duty reinforced hinges and aluminum slats, our hurricane rated doors can stand up to wind loads produced during most hurricanes, protecting your building and assets.

Florida Building Code Certified

Both of our hurricane rated doors, the Spiral® HZ® and Spiral® LH®-HZ®, are certified for compliance with Miami-Dade County and/or the Florida Building Code. Miami-Dade County, Florida NOA No. 23-0929.05. Florida Product Approval FL# FL28502-R3. We protect automotive dealerships, parking structures, government buildings, and a variety of commercial buildings along the eastern and southern coasts.

Spiral Hurricane Zone Door

Hurricane Rated Performance Specifications

  • Double-walled insulated 6-inch aluminum slats with rubber weatherseal
  • Negative pressure, positive pressure and large and small impact testing conducted to ensure optimal performance in extreme weather conditions
  • Heavy-duty reinforced hinge system

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See the Spiral® HZ® in Action

The First High-Speed Door Engineered to Withstand a Hurricane

Recommended Doors for Hurricane Zones

Spiral Low Headroom Hurricane Zone Rolling Door

Spiral® LH®-HZ®

High-performance, low-headroom door engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds while providing safety and security.