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The Original USDA-Compliant High-Speed Roll Up Door

Clean-Roll® High-Performance Door

The Clean-Roll door is the only UL-listed high-speed clean room roll up door designed specifically to meet USDA, FDA, NSF and ISO standards. The Clean-Roll allows for complete wash-down with numerous sanitary features. It’s engineered with stainless steel components for applications requiring absolute cleanliness while providing low-maintenance and energy saving benefits as well.

This clean room roll up door is ideal for USDA, FDA and CFIA applications in food and beverage processing as well as pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. The Clean-Roll door can be built up to 12’ wide x 12’ high.

  • Engineered to meet USDA hygienic standards for meat, poultry, dairy and seafood applications.
  • Designed for complete wash-down while innovative engineering prevents liquid contaminants from dripping into the traffic pathway, improving productivity.
  • USDA/FDA-compliant design virtually eliminates potential sites for germ manifestation.
  • High-speed operation, up to 50 inches per second, helps maintain a safe, controlled environment.
  • Dual thru-beam photo eyes detect movement close to the door and will reverse to the open position.
  • A sensitivity-adjustable pneumatic reversing edge reverses door if anything comes in contact with it.
  • Ry-Wi® Wireless System eliminates coil cords and provides two-way communication between control box and bottom bar.


  • Constructed of USDA- and FDA-compliant materials
  • Low profile stainless steel side columns with removable covers
  • Stainless steel roll drum with stainless steel piano hinge
  • Drum rotates to expose panel hinges for complete cleaning
  • Hinged drip guard at the head of the door
  • Sloped gutter system on bottom bar
  • Clean-Set™ Break-Away™ stainless clad bottom bar


  • Blue or white USDA-compliant door panel
  • Bolt-on stainless steel wind ribs
  • Vulcanized vision window(s)
  • Counterweighted lift-assist system
  • Drip-Safe™ guard is an automatic pneumatic drip-catch tray that moves under the roll drum when the door opens. This enables fragile food cargoes to safely move through the doorway.
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See the Rytec Clean-Roll® Door in Action

The Original USDA-Compliant High-Speed Roll Up Door

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