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Attention-Getting Devices for Improved Safety

Safety & Signaling Device Options

Safety is number one in any environment, especially those around high-speed and high-performance doors. Whether motorized equipment or  nearby foot traffic, safety features are always important on Rytec doors. We provide a variety of options that can easily be wired into our System 4® Controller

Basic devices include visual traffic light using a red/yellow/green configuration or simply red/green, strobe lights and rotating lights. When choosing these it is vital to take any other signaling devices in the area into account to ensure a clear distinction for all traffic.

Enhanced safety devices include Rytec’s original Pathwatch® and Pathwatch® II Safety Light Systems. These devices provide a visual warning of the door status. Additional devices include a visual countdown clock indicating specific time left before door closure and an audible alert system with pre-recorded messages for various door activities.

  • Devices are compatible with the Rytec System 4® Controller
  • Provide visual, audible or combined safety signaling
  • Decreased safety-related incidents
  • Increased alertness of pedestrians and equipment operators

Document Resources

Additional manuals and documents available in our Document Resource Center. Click here to browse.