Awareness and Safety at the Threshold

Ensuring safety is critical in high-speed industrial door environments. Rytec's Pathwatch® and NEW Pathwatch® II systems are effective, intuitive and customizable safety communication technologies designed to increase threshold safety. Unlike conventional warning lights, the Pathwatch® systems attract attention from nearly any angle or direction of travel — exactly when and where it is most critical.


Rytec's Original Pathwatch® Safety Light System 

  • Linear LED strip design

  • Low profile aluminum frame

  • Adhered to side columns on each side of the door


Rytec's New Pathwatch® II Safety Light System

  • LEDs housed within an enclosure

  • Produces stripes along entire width of most door openings

  • Mounts above door on each side of opening




  • Bright, energy efficient, LED lights effectively capture attention to warn personnel that the door panel is about to move.

  • Intuitive lighting system uses amber colored light that flash to indicate door movement is imminent and red lights illuminate when the door is closing.

  • Fully adjustable flash rate and timing to match the needs of individual high-speed environment.