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High Speed and Energy Efficiency for Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

Sure-Seal® High-Performance Door

With peak speed of up to 100 inches per second and extraordinary insulating capability, the Sure-Seal® high-speed conveyor door keeps operations running smoothly. Designed for non-live-traffic storage facility conveyor door systems, it helps maintain energy efficiency with minimal air infiltration. Within facilities with frequent opening and closing, each cycle helps maintain and control environments – particularly between conveyor operations and storage areas. 

The Sure-Seal is the ideal warehouse retrieval door for non-live-traffic interior applications, including cold storage, where speed, low maintenance, and dependability are critical and can be built up to 6′ wide x 13′ high.

  • Provides energy efficiency between non-live-traffic environments.
  • Engineered to withstand the rigors of a freezer environment, but provide optimal operational & energy efficiency.
  • Opening speed up to 100 inches per second to support high cycle facilities with frequent open-and-close cycles.
  • Standard I/O expansion board and System 4® programming versatility provide efficient integration capability with ASRS controls.


  • Rylon® thermal door panel (R-4 insulated value)
  • Self-supporting steel side frames with four fiberglass protrusions
  • Thermal breaks integrated throughout the door
  • Integrated bottom/edge seal
  • Full-height quad brush seals
  • Edge-to-edge brush seal at top of door


  • Side column heaters
  • Overhead blowers
  • Break-Away™ bottom bar with reversing edge and Ry-Wi® Wireless System
  • Front and rear dual thru-beam photo eyes
  • Pathwatch® Safety Light System

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