Doors Engineered to Perform Beyond Industry Standards

Rytec is North America’s leading independent manufacturer of high-speed, high-performance doors for industrial, commercial, automotive retail, food and beverage and controlled-temperature environments. From security and parking to manufacturing and cold storage, every door addresses a specific operational and environmental challenge, and is engineered for maximum safety, productivity and efficiency. 

Automotive Dealership

Reduce energy costs, increase productivity and comfort and enhance customer perception.

Car Wash & Truck Wash

Built to withstand extreme environments and help ensure that your wash facility remains open.

Cold Storage

Increase productivity and operational efficiency while reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Food and Beverage

Doors specifically engineered for USDA/FDA and cGMP environments, and assured compliance for uncompromising performance.


Ensure effective security and environmental controls are maintained for critical government operations.

Heavy Equipment Storage and Repair

Durable, reliable doors that withstand the challenges of heavy equipment and rugged environments.

Manufacturing / Warehousing

A complete product line allows facilities to increase efficiency and safety and reduce maintenance and energy costs.


Increase security and safety, reduce maintenance and become a more efficient operation.

Pharmaceutical/ Nutraceutical/Biotech

Doors that offer quick, secure access, environmental control and reliability for life science facilities.