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High-performance doors are built to provide exceptional performance in virtually any environment. However, with such advanced design and engineering it is important to ensure that appropriate information, documents and files are available to help specify the correct door for each particular application.

Accessible resources listed or referenced on this page include the following:

  • technical data regarding materials, construction and clearances;
  • installation requirements;
  • architectural drawings;
  • architectural specifications; and
  • BIM/Revit model files 

Note: Individual door model website pages also list documents and files referenced above.

Our Spiral® door series architectural specifications now have been updated to include revised wind load data. In addition, our newest products – including FlexTec®, Spiral® LP, and Sure-Seal® models – have been added to our line of reliable, quality products and components.

Free Online Continuing EducationOnline Learning

Rytec is committed to continued education and now has two AIA-accredited courses available on

High-Speed High-Cycle Doors: An Introduction to High-Performance Doors for Commercial Buildings and Parking Facilities. Great overview of high-performance door types, functions, benefits, and applications. Free 1-hour course; CEU credit offered.

High-Performance Doors: Increasing Safety, Energy Savings, and Productivity for Food, Beverage & Cold Storage Facilities. An overview of high-performance door features, options, and uses in different environmental needs. Free 1-hour course; CEU credit offered.

Rytec Door 3D Rendering


For quick, convenient access by architects, specifiers and other design professionals, our family of 3-D BIM/Revit models, product sheets and other product information is available on BIMsmith.

In addition, CADdetails provides access to 2-D CAD drawings, 3-D BIM/Revit models, brochures, product sheets and select project testimonials/case studies.

We are now online with Deltek Specpoint/MasterSpec which lists our proprietary overhead rapid coiling door architectural specifications, while RIB (BSD) SpecLink provides access to both standard and proprietary versions of our architectural specifications for many of our core product offerings.

 BIM SmithCAD DetailsRIB SpecLinkRIB SpecLink
3D BIM/Revit Modelsdotdot  
2D CAD Drawings dot  
Product Sheetsdotdot  
Testimonials/Case Studies dot  
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We’ve partnered with BIMsmith to make it easy to incorporate Rytec products into your Revit projects.

Watch to learn more. 

Contact Us

Rytec sales professionals are located throughout North America and are ready to answer your questions regarding design and build specifications. 

AIA-accredited courses are accessible online; group in-person lunch-and-learn sessions are also available upon request. 

Please fill out this simple form and a Rytec team member will contact you regarding your inquiry.

Filter Documents

wdt_ID File Icon File Name File Category File Type File Link
1585 Pharma-Roll Limited Warranty Pharma-Roll Warranties
1586 Pharma-Seal Limited Warranty Pharma-Seal Warranties
1587 Plexline Limited Warranty Plexline Warranties
1588 Powerhouse SD Architectural Drawing Legacy Products Architectural Drawings
1589 PredaDoor NXT Limited Warranty PredaCool Warranties
1590 Spiral Architectural Specification Spiral Architectural Specification
1591 Spiral Product Information Sheet Spiral Product Information Sheets
1592 Spiral Product Information Sheet (French Can.) Spiral Product Information Sheets
1593 Spiral Series Limited Warranty Spiral Warranties
1594 Spiral to 13' 1" Wide and 13' 1" Tall Architectural Drawing Spiral Architectural Drawings
1595 Spiral to 20' Wide and 21' Tall Architectural Drawing Spiral Architectural Drawings
1596 Spiral to 26' 3" Wide and 16' 4" Tall Architectural Drawing Spiral Architectural Drawings
1598 Sure-Seal Limited Warranty Sure-Seal Warranties
1599 Turbo-Seal Insulated Limited Warranty Turbo-Seal Insulated Warranties
1600 Turbo-Seal Series Limited Warranty Turbo-Seal Warranties
1601 Turbo-Slide Limited Warranty Turbo-Slide Warranties
1602 Clean-Roll Electrical Scope of Work Clean-Roll Electrical Scope of Work
1603 Spiral VP Balanced BIM Revit File Spiral VP BIM Revit File
1604 Turbo-Slide Bi-Parting BIM Revit File Turbo-Slide BIM Revit File
1605 Turbo-Slide Single Slide BIM Revit File Turbo-Slide BIM Revit File
1606 Clean-Roll BIM Revit File Clean-Roll BIM Revit File
1607 Pharma-Seal BIM Revit File Pharma-Seal BIM Revit File
1608 Spiral BIM Revit File Spiral BIM Revit File
1609 Spiral FV BIM Revit File Spiral FV BIM Revit File
1610 Spiral HZ BIM Revit File Spiral HZ BIM Revit File
File Category File Type

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