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High-Performance Doors for Automotive Dealerships

Reliable Doors


Maximum Speed

Operates up to 10 times faster than conventional doors. Spiral FV doors operate at industry-leading speeds over 100 inches per second.

Hi-Tech Aesthetics

Standard RAL or custom color options available. Continuous, undivided LEXAN™ vision slats for maximum visibility and fog-free performance.

Minimal Maintenance

Our doors are engineered for high use and low maintenance. Select models are designed with break-away or self repair features if impacted.

Trusted by Top Brands

Thousands of Spiral® doors installed in major auto dealerships and auto groups throughout North America.

Rytec Spiral Hurricane Zone Door

Enhanced Customer Perception

  • High-tech design and durable powder-coated finish project modern architectural style
  • Variety of colors and options can enhance the dealership image and reinforce the perception of quality
  • Smooth operation reduces noise levels for less disruption to customers and technicians

Rytec Durability

Improved Working Environment

  • Air infiltration is minimized with fast opening and closing speeds to help maintain internal temperatures
  • Better temperature control consistency attracts highly-skilled auto technicians
  • High-speed performance assures efficient movement of vehicles in and out of service bays

Doors that say wow!

Create a WOW Experience for Your Customers

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Rytec Doors for Auto Dealerships

See how Rytec can help your dealership with this short overview into high-performance doors in the automotive industry. 

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