Safety, Flexibility and Performance

The state-of-the-art PredaFlex flexible edge for the PredaDoor eliminates entrapment concerns and provides additional impact protection without sacrificing door performance or quality. The pliable PredaFlex flexible edge protects pedestrians by flexing around any obstruction and easily releasing from the side columns if accidentally impacted.

Rytec's PredaFlex offers high performance for interior applications where dependability is essential. The PredaFlex can be built up to 14' wide x 14' high.


  • The thick pliable rubber padding increases impact protection and ensures a consistent and uniform seal along the bottom edge. 

  • This gravity-fed door has significantly less post-impact force than typical soft-edge doors.

  • With no attached cables, zippers or coil cords to repair or replace, the PredaFlex is engineered to last.


  • Tear-resistant vinyl door panel sections

  • Integral wind ribs

  • Full width, replaceable vision panel

  • Flexible, vinyl wrapped, rubber padded bottom edge

  • Full-height brush seals

  • Brush seal at top of door

  • Pathwatch® Safety Light System

  • Dual thru-beam photo eyes


  • Additional wind ribs for increased lateral stability

  • Hood and motor cover