Low-Profile and Full-Vision Air-Operated Doors with a Distinct 'Air' of Dependability

Fast-Fold® Pneumatic Door

Running on standard shop air with very few moving parts, the Fast-Fold® Pneumatic door is a classy yet economical alternative to impact doors and strip curtains. The air-operated door offers full-height visibility that ensures awareness on both sides of the opening, and simple controls that ensure dependable operation.

Ideal for cold storage, manufacturing, and warehousing, the Fast-Fold® Pneumatic can be built up to 12' wide x 12' high.

Fast-Fold Door


  • Overlapping Puralon™ panels provide energy efficiency by creating a tight seal and reducing energy loss.

  • Opening speeds of up to 72 inches per second offer improved traffic flow with instant access to the full height of the opening. 

  • Pneumatic cylinders are built to provide years of trouble-free operation.


  • Full-height clear PVC panels for maximum visibility.

  • Fast horizontal opening speed to clear doorway fast.


  • 3/8-Inch Puralon™ Door Panels

  • Vertically-Seamed Panel Connections

  • Two Pneumatic Cylinders in the Door Head

  • 110 Volt, Single-Phase Control Box


  • Heat-Sealed Seams for USDA & FDA Applications

Selecting the Right Cold Storage Door

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