Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

With unrivaled speed, sleek appearance and ultra-quiet operation, the Spiral® door instantly captures attention. The extraordinary, patented Spiral technology is unique and exclusive to Rytec, and has forever changed the door industry. It’s no surprise that others attempt to copy its world-class design. The entire door panel rides effortlessly within a spiraling track with no metal-to-metal contact, and features nylon rollers that are engineered for millions of cycles. The rigid panel consists of a highly secure wall of interconnected slats with reinforced hinges. Each individual slat in the panel is locked within the spiral track for precision and security. A powerful variable-speed drive system, combined with a precisely counterbalanced door panel, enable speeds in excess of 100 inches per second. 

Request only the best — a genuine Rytec Spiral door. 

Download Rytec Spiral Series Overview (PDF)



High-performance rigid rolling door with quality construction and architectural style can be used wherever security, aesthetics and reliability are priorities.

Spiral® FV®

Ultra-high-performance rigid rolling door provides full-height vision for added safety, without compromising security. With clear, bronze or grey tinted slats.

Spiral® LH®

Unique low-headroom track configuration allows for installation within 11-inch clearance space, while providing safety and security.

Spiral® HZ®

Engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds and rain, while providing high performance and security.

Spiral® VT

High-performance rigid rolling door with unique panel design allows for maximum ventilation while maintaining safety, speed and security.

Spiral® LH-HZ

High-performance, low-headroom door engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds while providing safety and security.

Spiral® VP

High-performance rigid door offers the same Spiral architectural design, quality construction and unprecedented value for lower speed/lower cycle door openings.