The World’s Fastest, Low-Profile Break-Away Door

The Turbo-Seal® offers extra-high-speed operation that minimizes the potential for doors to get hit by getting the door out of the way faster. A low-profile design provides a small footprint that allows the door to be installed in doorways where traffic patterns are near the door and speed is critical. 

The Turbo-Seal® is ideal for cold storage, food and beverage operations, manufacturing and warehousing and can be built up to 12' wide x 16' high.


  • Vinyl seals and durable door panel provide a tight seal when the door is closed.

  • Opening speeds up to 100 inches per second for improved traffic control and environmental control.

  • Counterweighted operation increases door opening speeds and reduces motor wear, increasing the life of the door. 


  • 2-Ply door panel

  • Self-supporting steel side frames

  • Full-height vinyl seals

  • Extruded aluminum Break-Away bottom bar

  • Dual-chamber pneumatic reversing edge

  • Edge-to-Edge seal at top of door

  • Vinyl loop seal on bottom bar

  • Pathwatch® Safety Light System

  • Dual thru-beam photo eyes


  • 3-Ply or USDA/FDA-compliant door panel

  • Flat or slanted hood cover

  • 17" x 17" replaceable vision windows

  • Wind ribs (reduces opening speed)

  • Self-repair side frame configuration