The Ultimate High-Speed Rolling Door for Freezers and Coolers

Turbo-Seal® Freezer Door

The Turbo-Seal Freezer provides minimized air infiltration and improved traffic flow by using high-speed operation and a tight full perimeter seal. Heated side columns and defrost system options virtually eliminate frost build-up. When it comes to high-speed roll-up freezer doors the Turbo-Seal Freezer is designed to meet the unique needs of cold storage facilities while maintaining a low profile, permitting it to fit almost anywhere.

Ideal for cold storage and food and beverage operations, the Turbo-Seal Freezer and Cooler doors can be built up to 10' wide x 14' high.

Turbo-Seal Freezer


  • Vinyl seals and a durable door panel provide a tight seal when the door is closed, reducing frost build-up and conserving energy.

  • Opening speeds up to 100 inches per second for improved traffic control and environmental control.

  • Counterweighted operation increases door opening speeds and reduces motor wear, increasing the life of the door. 


  • Intuitive and Customizable Pathwatch® Safety Light System provides advanced warning to vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

  • Dual thru-beam photo eyes detect movement close to the door and will reverse to the open position.

  • A sensitivity-adjustable pneumatic reversing edge reverses door if anything comes in contact with it.

  • Ry-Wi® Wireless System eliminates coil cords and provides two-way communication between control box and bottom bar.


  • 2-ply door panel

  • Self-supporting steel side frames

  • Full-height vinyl seals

  • Extruded aluminum break-away bottom bar

  • Dual-chamber pneumatic reversing edge

  • Edge-to-edge seal at top of door

  • Low-temperature hypalon loop seal on bottom bar

  • Tec-Light™ defrost system


  • 3-Ply door panel

  • Tec-Lights with unheated blower or heated blower defrost systems

Selecting the Right Cold Storage Door

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