Low-Profile, Self-Repairing Break-Away Door

Turbo-Seal® SR High Performance Door

The Turbo-Seal SR (Self-Repair) door offers extra-high-speed operation that minimizes the potential for doors to get hit by getting the door out of the way faster. However, in case of accidental impact, the self-repairing feature automatically brings the door panel back into its track to resume full operation without any intervention.

The Turbo-Seal SR is ideal for cold storage, food and beverage operations, manufacturing and warehousing and can be built up to 12' wide x 15' high.

Turbo-Seal SR


  • Automatic self-repair virtually eliminates downtime and improves productivity.

  • Unmatched full perimeter seal and high-speed operation help maintain separate environments.

  • Counterweighted operation reduces motor wear and extends the life of the door.


  • Intuitive and Customizable Pathwatch® Safety Light System provides advanced warning to vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

  • Dual thru-beam photo eyes detect movement close to the door and will reverse to the open position.

  • A sensitivity-adjustable pneumatic reversing edge reverses door if anything comes in contact with it.

  • Ry-Wi® Wireless System eliminates coil cords and provides two-way communication between control box and bottom bar.


  • 2-ply door panel

  • Self-supporting steel side frames with four fiberglass protrusions

  • Full-height quad brush seals

  • Extruded aluminum break-away bottom bar

  • Dual-chamber pneumatic reversing edge

  • Edge-to-edge seal at top of door

  • Vinyl loop seal on bottom bar


  • 3-ply or USDA/FDA-compliant door panel

  • Hood cover, flat or slant

  • 17" x 17" replaceable vision windows

  • Optional freezer configuration