Opening New Doors for Automobile Dealerships

Improve customer perception and maintain comfortable working environments by investing in Rytec high-speed automotive doors. With lower maintenance and energy costs and increased productivity, these auto showroom doors allow customer service, comfort, and the overall working environment to be the centers of focus. Just ask many of our satisfied car dealerships and they’ll tell you the sales process starts with first impressions at the dealership. Customers are “wowed” by door speeds of up to 100” per second, and you are rewarded with minimal door maintenance and downtime - and satisfied customers.

Automotive Dealership Testimonial

When energy efficiency, employee morale and customer satisfaction were top priorities - Beaverton Toyota chose Rytec doors. See why.

Beaverton Toyota Testimonial
Beaverton Toyota Testimonial

Patented Spiral® Technology

Our Spiral Series doors offer a unique spiral track design that ensures no metal-to-metal contact for ultra-quiet operation. This also guards against wear and tear on the aluminum panel, resulting in minimal maintenance, preserved aesthetics, and longer life.

Proprietary System 4® Controller

Our next generation System 4® and MS4 remote door controllers provide greater functionality and unprecedented efficiency. Both feature smart technology, constant monitoring, and easy installation.

Safety Focused

Rytec high-performance doors offer a full array of safety features to provide safeguards and assure operational standards.

  • Rytec SmartSurroundTM Advanced Detection & Alert System
  • Advanced3 Light Curtain System
  • Pathwatch® and Pathwatch® II Safety Light System
  • Dual thru-beam photo eyes
  • Electric reversing edge with Ry-Wi® Wireless System

Enhanced Customer Perception

  • High-tech design and durable powder-coated finish project modern architectural style
  • Variety of colors and options can enhance the dealership image and reinforce the perception of quality
  • Smooth operation reduces noise levels for less disruption to customers and technicians
aluminum door

Improved Working Environment

  • Air infiltration is minimized with fast opening and closing speeds to help maintain internal temperatures
  • Better temperature control consistency attracts highly-skilled auto technicians
  • High-speed performance assures efficient movement of vehicles in and out of service bays

Create a WOW Experience for Your Customers

Download your FREE copy of our new Guide, “Doors That Say WOW!”

  • Improve customer and staff comfort in your service area
  • Save you money on energy costs
  • Keep your service area running smoothly
  • Perfectly complement the aesthetics of your dealership’s design
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