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Rev Up Auto Dealership Sales and Service with High-Performance Doors


Rev Up Auto Sales

Your auto dealership is in the business of dazzling customers with sleek and shiny vehicles to make even the most hesitant buyer excited to leave the lot in a new car. That dedication to satisfaction extends to your service department, where fast, courteous service keeps customers coming back for oil changes, tires, checkups and repairs.

From the moment customers drive up to your dealership, doors are the first thing they see. In a world of high expectations, high-performance doors can position your auto dealership as a premier business. From a polished showroom to efficient service bays, high-performance doors offer advanced functionality and high style that will bring customers in and keep them coming back.

A Sophisticated Connection Point

When building or upgrading your auto showroom, you meticulously select every detail, from the exterior texture to the fabric of the customer lounge chairs. You even install large entertainment televisions on the walls and add state-of-the art finishes to make your potential customers – and returning customers – feel comfortable while at your facility.
High-performance doors are the perfect complement to customer-focused design choices in your showroom. They can be utilized as an access point between the showroom and the outside environment or the service bays without interfering with your customers’ car shopping experience.

Not only do they enhance the interior of your dealership, but they also offer a variety of practical benefits, from improving energy efficiency to allowing for easy movement of vehicles into and out of the showroom.

Climate-Controlled Comfort

Maintaining a constant, comfortable environment in your dealership is essential to a great customer experience. The fast opening and closing of high-performance doors keep extreme temperatures outside where they belong. High-performance doors contribute to a positive customer experience and ensure a comfortable environment for customers, as well as the service advisors and technicians who are the face of your service business.

Energy Efficiency

High-performance doors help you regulate temperatures inside your dealership to ultimately decrease energy usage and costs. For example, Rytec’s Spiral® Rigid Rolling Doors offer proprietary vision slats that significantly reduce solar heat build-up when furnished with optional grey or bronze-tinted vision panels. These slats not only create a sleek exterior look but also reduce interior light transmission by 50% – reducing your need to cool your dealership in hotter months.

Maximum Speed

Imagine you’re a customer waiting to enter the service bay. Within seconds of pulling up, the door opens quickly, allowing you to drive right in and start your appointment. Your visit – and overall experience – just began with a big “wow.” High-performance doors operate up to seven times faster than conventional doors, and select models open up to 100 inches per second! With speed like this, it’s easy to keep your sales and service operations running quickly and efficiently.

The Right Look

Your dealership was specially designed to appeal to customers and entice them to choose you for their next vehicle purchase or service appointment. That’s where high-performance doors have the edge over standard overhead doors. They can be customized to your specific aesthetic with a variety of options to ensure your door matches your brand.

Durable Details

We know that your dealership’s aesthetics are essential…but beauty isn’t everything. That’s why high-performance doors are built to last, with world-class reliability. Rytec’s Spiral® doors feature a simple, elegant and reliable design trusted by North America’s leading auto dealerships. They’re engineered for high use and low maintenance to ensure reliable uptime to keep your facility and customers moving all day long. Industrial-strength construction and materials make high-performance doors extremely durable for virtually uninterrupted operation. They’re built to last millions of operating cycles, day in and day out.


High-Performance Doors Can Make an Impression – and a Difference

Creating an outstanding customer experience throughout the entire life cycle of vehicle ownership is critical to your auto dealership’s success. Let us help you elevate your showroom and service department with high-performance doors. Contact us today to discuss your dealership’s needs.



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