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Cool Solutions: High-Performance Doors for Cold Storage and Food & Beverage Facilities


High-performance doors for cold storage

In the food and beverage and cold storage industries, maintaining a consistently cold environment is the key to ensuring safety, reducing product spoilage and saving time, money and energy. It’s also critical to meeting stringent product safety standards and certifications, including those from the USDA, FDA, NSF and ISO.

High-performance doors from Rytec help safeguard these highly-regulated environments so manufacturers and distributors can control the environment throughout their facilities. Our doors are specially designed for coolers, freezers, dry storage, produce, automated storage/retrieval, blast freezers and USDA/FDA processing facilities.

Temperature control. Rytec doors have specially designed perimeter seals, thermal breaks and insulated panels to maintain temperature differentials critical for quality and freshness in any cooler or freezer environment.

Maximum efficiency. High-performance doors keep traffic and product flowing through facilities to maximize efficiency and sustain high productivity rates.

Reduced costs. High-speed opening and closing minimizes air exchange, which leads to lower refrigeration costs, while insulated door panels often eliminate the need for conventional defrost systems.

High-Tech performance. A full array of safety and remote door controllers help ensure operational standards throughout cold storage facilities.

Doors for Cooler Applications

PredaCool™ comes standard with 3-ply panels and weatherseals around the entire perimeter of the panel to help reduce air infiltration.

Predacool Two Blue Doors

PredaDoor® NXT® includes 2- or 3-ply panels and USDA/FDA-compliant options.

PredaDoor NXT Separation fabric door

FlexTec® has 1-ply panels for durability plus improved wind and pressure resistance options.

flextec fabric door

Sure-Seal® has durable, insulated and puncture-resistant panels, and is made to work with automated storage/retrieval systems (ASRS).

Rytec AS/RS Application

Turbo-Seal® Insulated opens up to 182 inches per second to minimize door open time and reduce air exchange between controlled environments.

Turbo-Seal Insulated 3 Doors

Turbo-Slide® opens at speeds up to 125 inches per second to control heat infiltration and maintain environmental separation of key areas within your building.

Turbo Slide

Doors for Freezer Applications

Turbo-Seal® Insulated minimizes door open time and offers insulated, puncture-resistant panels and thermal breaks to prevent frost and moisture build-up.

Turbo-Seal Insulated 3 Doors

Sure-Seal® is specially designed with insulated panels and thermal breaks to minimize frost and moisture build-up.

Rytec AS/RS Application

Turbo-Slide® doors are made with EVA foam for excellent insulation, along with full perimeter seals that secure the thermal envelope.

Turbo Slide

Energy SavingsRequest a High Performance Door Energy Analysis

A high-performance door energy analysis provides a comprehensive review of your facility’s temperature, humidity, energy use data, and the savings you can experience when replacing older, slower conventional doors with high-performance doors.

Request your energy analysis today. Or contact us today so we can help you find the right door for your facility. Whether you need industrial freezer doors, coolers, or non-freezing spaces, Rytec has high-performance doors that will meet your needs.


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