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Elevate the Customer Experience Starting at the Parking Garage


High-speed doors elevate the user experience in government parking structures

Parking facilities are becoming more sophisticated and high-tech to provide faster and easier parking in a safer environment. High-performance doors are just one way many new and renovated parking facilities set a higher standard for the entire user experience. Office and government buildings, in particular, can benefit from high-performance doors to enhance safety, security and reliability while improving the overall experience for everyone in the building.

Why Choose High-Performance Doors for Professional Parking Facilities

Fast Open and Close Rates

High-performance doors feature unrivaled speed and reliability. Their fast opening and closing speeds reduce air exchange between controlled interior environments and the outdoors to increase users’ comfort throughout the parking garage.

For many professional and government buildings, a secure parking structure is essential to the safety of everyone in and around the building. High-performance doors’ fast speeds also increase security and safety, effectively prohibiting unauthorized access. They close quickly once a car is in the clear, which deters piggybacking, the practice of sneaking in behind the authorized vehicle before the gate or door closes, either in another vehicle or by pedestrians on foot.

Fast speeds also prevent door-vehicle collisions, which reduces downtime, keeps traffic flowing and helps everyone get where they need to go.

High-Tech Integration

High-performance doors easily integrate with the high-tech access features now common in many metropolitan parking garages, including cloud-based mobile apps, wireless key fobs and key cards, automatic vehicle identification, biometric/bioscan systems, custom security systems, and windshield/vehicle transponders. With new technologies such as license plate recognition (LPR) and app-based parking assist software, drivers no longer need to stop at the entrance to some parking structures. High-speed doors work with these technologies, allowing drivers to pull in and park quickly.

When paired with enhanced technology for access control, high-performance doors offer more control and monitoring of door use and activities. These tools can even notify you of suspicious or problematic activity, such as a door being open for a prolonged period of time. In addition, Rytec’s System 4® Controller allows the door to be programmed to specific traffic speeds and environments, all while providing easy integration with other remote activation software and devices.

Customizable Aesthetics

High-performance doors aren’t just designed for reliable and secure performance – they can be customized to fit nearly any building design.

Fabric models come in a variety of color options, and rigid doors can be painted in classic or custom colors with a durable powder-coated finish that looks great while protecting it from corrosion. To create a more finished look, hood and motor covers can be added to the head assembly.

Rigid aluminum doors can be installed to add vertical height or horizontal design elements to the entry and exits. Solid door slats offer protection from inclement weather and limit outside visibility into the parking structure for additional safety. Vision slats also can be added to provide a source of natural light. Our LEXAN™ slats are break-, scratch-, UV- and graffiti-resistant. These slats also offer ventilation options to maximize the flow of fresh air and minimize gas fumes and odors without compromising building security. For more customization, slat styles can be combined and configured in multiple layouts.

In addition, high-speed doors match the high-tech feel of automated parking system (APS) garages that are becoming more popular in urban areas, giving users a seamless and modern experience every time they park.

Excellent Safety Features

High-performance doors are built for durability, strength, and long-term security to help minimize safety risks. Rytec doors offer advanced safety features, such as door activation sensors and safety light systems, to keep vehicles and people safe as they enter and exit the structure. Many doors also feature a reversing edge that reverses the door if it comes in contact with anything, enhancing the safety of everyone and everything in the structure.

Start at the Entrance with High-Performance Doors

First impressions matter – and high-performance doors can help your parking or government building make the best one. Having fast-acting, reliable doors that look good in motion and standing still helps create a “wow” factor in any parking structure.

Custom Rytec high-security doors are installed extensively in federal, state and local operations and professional facilities where quick, efficient access and secure control are required. Our doors require only minimal maintenance and provide complete security and unmatched dependability. Whether you’re looking for the highest level of security made of steel or a quick, high-performance solution such as a fabric rollup door, Rytec has the experience working with office buildings and government facilities to recommend a door to fit your needs.

Download our parking guide, “Safety & Security Start at the Entrance,” below to learn how high-performance doors can enhance the entire user experience in your government parking facility.

Or contact us today to discuss your parking facility’s needs.

Parking Security Guide

Fast and Secure. Reliable Rytec doors deliver the security people expect.

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