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Have a Special Application? We Have a High-Performance Door for That


There are many common uses for high-performance doors in manufacturing facilities, from interior warehouse doors to exterior bay doors. But did you know that high-performance doors can be made to fit nearly any space inside your manufacturing facility?

Specialized Applications are our Specialty

At Rytec, we can customize our doors to meet the most unique situations and demanding specifications.

Automated Environments

Rytec worked with Turn-Key Solutions (TKS) to install a high-performance fabric door for a highly customized application. Our door ensured the company could continue to safely and efficiently deliver customized robotic cell solutions to its clients.

Manufacturing Doors for Special Applications

Machine Covers and Guards

We developed and installed a high-performance door that protects users from potential injury or harm while the machine is in use. This protects employees and others in the work area and ensures a smooth manufacturing process to meet deadlines and client expectations.

High Performance Door Machine Guard

Freestanding Structures

Sometimes, manufacturing facilities need a door in locations where a solid wall doesn’t exist. In these situations, our doors can provide a customized high-performance solution to create an access point that connects two separate areas. Here, we installed a PredaDoor® NXT® high-speed roll-up door in a fabric “wall” that allowed people and equipment to pass through efficiently and quickly.

Freestanding High Performance Door

Office Buildings

Manufacturing businesses don’t just have production areas, they also have office areas and break rooms where employees eat lunch or spend time away from the work site. These areas often require a different aesthetic and functionality than doors installed on the manufacturing floor.

High Performance Doors for Office Separation

Fortunately, Rytec high-performance doors can be customized with a wide variety of materials to match the look and feel of your space. Here, the manufacturer chose to install a fashion-forward door with an industrial look to complement the modern design of their office space.

Whether it’s a specialized application or not, Rytec doors for manufacturing facilities offer the highest value and performance to deliver a range of benefits.

Fast Speeds

Opening and closing speeds up to 100 inches per second help keep raw materials, components and finished products moving – fast. They also reduce the likelihood of vehicle-door collisions.

Durable Construction

Rytec high-performance doors are designed to perform efficiently in high-traffic, high-cycle environments. They’re engineered to maintain performance through millions of operating cycles, with a unique design requiring minimal maintenance. In fact, most door models can take a hit and be easily reset after accidental impact – without slowing down movement through the facility.

Technology Plus Efficiency

We offer manufacturing facilities the latest technologies to protect people, products and vehicles so your operations keep moving smoothly. The Rytec Connect® remote door monitoring and management system ensures 24/7 tracking of door operations. Advanced safety features include Pathwatch® safety light systems, Break-AwayTM bottom bar, photo eyes and Ry-Wi® wireless reversing edge. Our Advanced System 4® Controller provides greater functionality with self-diagnostics and intelligent monitoring – ensuring smooth, continuous operation without downtime.

See how High-Performance Doors Can Meet your Needs

Have an unusual application that needs a specialized high-performance door? Contact us to discuss your facility’s needs.
Learn more about Rytec high-performance doors for manufacturing facilities here.


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