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Engineered for Controlled Environments

Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical & Biotech

Rytec has engineered doors specifically for life sciences. Applications include pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and clean room environments—where quick access, environmental control and reliability are critical. Take our Pharma-Roll door, with its full-height weather seal to keep contaminants out while allowing for a full door wipe-down to ensure cleanliness. Need to meet strict USDA/FDA guidelines? Take a look at our Pharma-Seal door, which is engineered to comply with cGMP guidelines while also being our tightest sealing and rated our most reliable pharmaceutical solution. 

When you need a controlled environment coupled with limited downtime on your pharmaceutical facility doors, contact Rytec and we’ll find the right solution for you.

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Plexline Door

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High-performance hygienic USDA-compliant rolling door for wash-down applications in food and beverage and pharmaceutical operations.

assembly line


High-performance rolling door with stainless steel and aluminum components to accommodate wipe-down and meet FDA guidelines.

soft and flexible doors


High-performance rolling door provides a superior seal, increased safety and environmental control for cGMP and class-rated applications.

Plexline Door

Plexline® Clean

High-performance composite rolling door is a stainless steel alternative that provides an economical option for cGMP and food processing and other environments.