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Take Apartment and Condominiums Upscale with High-Speed Doors


apartment spiral parking garage door

In busy urban areas, where condominium owners and apartment residents have many options for housing, high-performance doors can help building owners enhance security, differentiate their properties and successfully attract more upscale tenants and owners.

A modern high-performance door gives building owners the perfect blend of heavy-duty, reliable design and architectural and aesthetic appeal. Here are some of the ways that these doors benefit building owners and residents:

Sleek design: Today’s high-performance doors are available in a variety of colors and powder-coated finishes to complement nearly any architectural style. For added visual appeal, many of them are also available with vision or ventilated slats.

Fast open and close action: The speed of these doors, which can open and close at up to 100 inches per second, provides an unmistakable “Wow!” factor for residents. It also enhances their feeling of security. These high-speed doors reduce tailgating and piggybacking – unauthorized vehicles or people closely following residents’ vehicles through the threshold before the door closes. For building owners, high-speed doors help to reduce energy costs and minimize the likelihood of vehicle-door collisions.

Reliability is a must: In upscale buildings, resident and owner expectations run high. They expect the parking structure door to open and close quickly every time. Modern high-performance doors are engineered for high-traffic, high-cycle environments. They can withstand the daily rigors of use for millions of operating cycles. They’re also based on low-maintenance designs, which assure smooth, continuous operation and low ongoing maintenance costs.

Multiple activation options: Modern high-performance doors offer multiple options for door activation, including floor loop, motion or presence detection as well as RFID/radio sensors. Some systems, such as the Rytec AARC, enable building residents to access the parking lot using a key fob, card or smartphone – yes, “there’s an app for that!”

Modern high-performance doors provide upscale apartments and condominiums with stylish security that enhances the experience of their residents and owners. That can translate into excellent word-of-mouth promotion and higher occupancy rates at premium prices.

How can high-speed rolling doors enhance your building’s appeal? Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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