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Low-Headroom Parking Garage Doors: An Excellent Solution for Older Buildings


two closed spiral low headroom parking garage doors

Older buildings are often not designed or built with adequate headroom for a modern high-performance door. The headroom – the space between the top of the door opening and the ceiling above it – needs to be tall enough to install both the door motor and the mounts where the door rolls up while open. 

Some older buildings are designed only for traditional sectional doors, which open using horizontal tracks. Other buildings have ramps that lead to below-ground parking areas, where there’s often not enough headroom for a high-performance door.

In tight spaces where standard high-performance doors can’t fit, low-headroom doors can provide the same performance benefits of modern, high-performance doors but in a more compact design.

Three types of older buildings where low profile parking garage doors are a great fit include:

  • Automotive dealerships
  • Government buildings
  • Parking and security applications

low-headroom garage door track

A great fit in tight spaces

Low-headroom parking garage doors can be installed in almost any environment with low ceilings and low joists, or lower-level and underground parking garages with ramped entrances or steep grades.

For example, the Rytec Spiral® LH® low headroom door uses a set of horizontal tracks, rather than a roll-up style, that enables it to be mounted with as little as 10 inches of clearance. The AC motor that opens and closes the door is also more compact than conventional door motors.

Low-headroom doors are often ideal solutions for older buildings:

They require less head clearance. Low-headroom doors require less headroom than other doors, allowing you to maximize performance when there’s not enough vertical space to install a typical high-performance roll-up door.

They’re great for tight spaces. They meet low-headroom garage door requirements for commercial structures like auto dealerships and parking structures.

No special equipment is needed. Unlike other doors on the market, Rytec Spiral® LH® doors can fit in tight spaces without special brackets, track modifications or conversion kits.

See why a Spiral Low Headroom parking garage door might be right for your building.

Spiral low headroom garage door video

Contact us today for more information on how a Rytec door can be the right fit for your building.


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