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Choose the Right Doors to Manage Loading Dock Access


loading dock high speed fabric door

In a busy loading dock area, door reliability is a must. Losing even one dock can cause major disruptions and create havoc for productivity. 

From lower-speed, lower-cycle models to high-speed versions with advanced features, high-performance doors help loading docks keep up with today’s peak demand cycles.

Types of high-performance doors that are ideal for loading docks

Fabric for low traffic. High-performance fabric doors are economical choices for industrial applications with low to moderate traffic.

Fabric for high traffic. High-speed roll-up fabric doors are ideal for loading docks, where speed, low maintenance and dependability are critical. They offer next-generation features that minimize door downtime and provide affordable performance and reliability.

Rubber doors. Compared to conventional roll-up doors, rubber doors are virtually indestructible while offering the power, performance and dependability to meet the demands of any loading dock.

Rigid doors. High-speed rigid doors are ideal for high-traffic situations where speed and security are equally important.

comparing fabric doors, rubber doors, and rigid doors for loading docks

No matter which type of high-performance door you choose, they offer a range of features and benefits:

Fast speeds and cycle times. Fast opening speeds up to 100 inches per second improve traffic flow, maximize productivity and improve energy conservation by minimizing air infiltration.

Withstand accidental impact without damage. Even with fast open and close speeds, vehicle-door collisions occasionally happen. Many high-performance doors can take a hit from a forklift or other material handling equipment and break away to reduce potential damage to the door, equipment and people.

When an impact occurs, the panel disengages from the door tracks and easily moves out of the way without being damaged. This virtually eliminates entrapment concerns, while offering extra protection for all types of traffic to safeguard environments and provide continuing operations.

See a breakaway door in action.

Low maintenance. Many high-performance doors require only minimal maintenance or repair for the life of the door. Some are even engineered to automatically self-repair if impacted from either direction. They can be reset without user intervention or tools so they can be back in service in less than a minute.

Safe and secure. Many high-performance doors are available with a variety of safety features to help you maintain loading dock safety. These features include:

  • Safety light system to provide advanced warning to vehicle drivers and pedestrians,
  • Photo eyes to detect pedestrian or equipment movement close to the door and stop the door’s movement,
  • A pneumatic reversing edge that reverses the door if anything comes in contact with it, and
  • A wireless system to eliminate coil cords and provide two-way communication between the control box and the bottom bar of the door.

Rytec provides a full portfolio of high-performance loading dock doors to increase productivity, reduce energy costs, and improve traffic flow and safety. Contact us today to discuss your loading dock needs.

Learn more about Rytec High-Performance doors for loading docks here.


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