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Enhance Your Auto Dealership’s Brand with Customizable High-Performance Doors


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In your auto dealership, brand recognition is essential to your success. When customers experience a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints – including your service area and showroom – they develop a sense of familiarity that fosters trust with your dealership.

Not only that, adhering to brand standards further differentiates your brand in a competitive market, helping you establish a strong and memorable presence so customers can easily recognize and connect with your dealership amid a sea of options.

One of the best ways to maintain brand standards is to ensure that your overhead doors clearly match and communicate your brand’s overall aesthetic, reinforcing your dealership as the #1 place to buy and service vehicles.

Here’s how high-performance doors can help match your brand standards.

High-End Impression

High-performance doors offer high-tech design and stylish options that help enhance the look of your building and meet the most distinctive brand standards. They portray your dealership as a modern business with fast-acting doors that make a great first impression with customers and enhance your reputation as a forward-thinking automotive destination. No matter what your brand requires, high-performance doors can meet and exceed your expectations – and, more importantly, your customers.

Color Matching

Traditional overhead doors often come in standard colors, with limited options to meet your brand’s exact color scheme. On the other hand, high-performance doors can be customized in nearly any color to align with your brand identity and communicate it to customers and prospective customers.
For example, Rytec’s Spiral® FV® doors are one of the most popular choices for high-performance doors in auto dealerships. They can be coordinated with your facility’s colors using classic RAL and custom color-match powder-coated finishes, allowing you to match the color of your high-performance door to your brand’s color scheme.

In-House Finishing

At Rytec, our powder-coat finishing is done in-house, allowing us to control the quality and accuracy of colors and ensure that your doors will match your brand colors.

Large Graphics

High-performance doors can be enhanced with large-scale graphics, including logos, taglines and product images, to promote your business and increase brand awareness.

Customizable Panels

Spiral® door models offer multiple panel options, allowing you to customize the look of your dealership and maintain brand consistency.

In addition, Spiral® FV® doors are furnished with full vision slats. These doors are made with 9-inch, aluminum-framed vision slats protected by shatter-proof, scratch-resistant Lexan™ polycarbonate. Clear vision slats are standard, but this model also is offered with translucent bronze or grey tinted options to help reduce solar heat build-up.
Doors can also be designed with ventilated panels, which can help increase airflow to maximize fresh air while reducing air pollutants, odors and the potential for mold growth.
These options further position your brand as a customer-centric business that cares about comfort throughout your dealership.

Maintain brand consistency with high-performance doors

Rytec’s high-performance doors can play a significant part in promoting your dealership’s brand as a high-tech and modern business for savvy auto buyers. They can help you establish a lasting and positive brand reputation that cultivates customer loyalty and drives sales.

Contact us today to discuss how Rytec’s high-performance doors can help you maintain and extend your auto dealership’s brand.

Learn more about Rytec doors for auto dealerships here.



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