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How High-Performance Doors Reduce Bottlenecks in Manufacturing Facilities


High-performance doors reduce bottlenecks in manufacturing facilitiesToday’s modern factories must work harder – and smarter – than ever to keep up with increased demand. Raw materials need to be moved from warehouse storage to production lines. Finished parts must be palleted and transported to customers. Everything moves through the manufacturing facility on forklifts, which must navigate around busy foot traffic.

In this bustling environment, doors are the control points from one part of the operation to another. As long as they open and close quickly, without any problems, the steady flow of people, material handling equipment and loads moves smoothly. But when a door breaks down or is taken out of service by a collision, this highly productive choreography falls apart. Materials must move via alternate routes through the building. Traffic jams inevitably occur, slowing down overall operations until the door is finally repaired. Productivity declines significantly.

Your facility doors shouldn’t be the weak link in your production workflow. High-performance doors are specially engineered to address all of these issues and keep your manufacturing operations flowing smoothly, day in and day out.

Benefits of High-Performance Doors for Manufacturing Warehouses

Fast speeds. No more waiting for doors to open or close. With opening speeds up to 100 inches per second, high-performance doors help manufacturers keep raw materials and finished products moving quickly throughout the facility.

High reliability. High-performance doors are engineered to withstand the daily rigors of use for millions of operating cycles. This means less costly downtime and fewer repairs. High-performance doors are engineered to last – and are designed with a limited number of wear parts, which means less maintenance and repair over the life of the door. They also are built with tough, durable materials, such as puncture-resistant, polymer-impregnated monofilament polyester fabric.

In manufacturing environments, downtime in one part of the facility can affect productivity in another part of the operation – leading to expensive delays and bottlenecks throughout the entire facility. With the high reliability that high-performance doors offer, manufacturers can keep running at peak efficiency.

Quick door repairs – A well-designed door can take a hit from a forklift or other equipment and break away to reduce potential damage to the door, warehouse equipment, loads and nearby workers. Instead of absorbing the force of the impact, the door panel lifts out of the side column tracks and easily moves out of the way without being damaged.

After an accidental impact, high-performance doors often can be easily restored to normal operation in less than a minute. To reset the door, a worker simply aligns the bottom of the door to the side of the opening where the motor is located. Then, pressing the door activation button, the door quickly restores itself to full operation in seconds, without the need for tools.

Rytec high-performance doors are made of puncture-resistant, polyester mono-filament fabric. This rugged material provides a tight door seal yet is flexible enough to move out of the way in the event of a collision.

The latest technology. Remotely managing and monitoring the activity of Rytec high-performance doors is easy with Rytec Connect® remote door monitoring and management. Using cloud-based technology, Rytec Connect lets you monitor door status, receive preventive alerts and view live maps of all door locations on an efficient 24/7 basis. In addition, it offers these features:

  • Open or close doors from anywhere
  • Map multiple doors to easily set routes and priorities
  • Proactively initiate preventive maintenance and service schedules
  • Rytec technical support can monitor doors remotely in real time during a service call

Now’s the time to consider upgrading your manufacturing facility with high-performance doors. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Learn more about Rytec High-Performance doors for manufacturing here.


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