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Rytec’s New SmartSurround™ System is Now Standard on Spiral® High-Performance Doors


SmartSurround Lights

Jackson, WI –

Rytec’s SmartSurround™ Advanced Detection and Alert System is now being offered as standard equipment on most Spiral® door models, the company has announced.

SmartSurround uses artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced light curtain sensors to track traffic entering and exiting the door threshold. The AI software uses data gathered by these sensors to assess the traffic type as well as movements through and near the doorway. It uses this data to determine which alerting lights are most appropriate and what movements the door should make.

That enables it to detect and respond to a vehicle that may not have cleared the doorway, a pedestrian wandering into the area near the door or other common scenarios often occurring in busy auto dealer service areas.

“SmartSurround is an intelligent, state-of-the-art system that will enhance your customer experience and your service department operations. It elevates detection, warning, signaling – and door safety – to a new level,” explains Rytec Vice President of Marketing Michael Watkins.

Most door safety devices today are individual components with limited functionality. Most sensors can detect movement at the door threshold. But they provide little insight into what’s happening at the door opening. For example, many door sensors and control systems can’t indicate if a vehicle has fully cleared the doorway.

Also, some existing sensors aren’t very precise. For example, they monitor areas near the door that are significantly larger than necessary. This can result in “false positives.” As vehicles, pedestrians or workers pass nearby these sensors may detect them and open the door or hold the door open – even though they’re not moving through the door opening or remaining near the field of door operation. This obstructs usable service lane space.

In contrast, SmartSurround is precise, compact and efficient.

For more information about this revolutionary door safety system, visit the SmartSurround page.

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