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Auto Dealer Service Managers Praise Rytec Spiral® Doors


Auto dealer service managers have a challenging job: The customers driving into their service lanes often having problems and need help with their vehicles. Trying to talk them through these issues usually requires a lot of patience and care.

Anything that can put these valued customers in a better mood before entering the building is a plus. That’s why many service managers appreciate the “Wow!” factor provided by Rytec’s high-speed, high-performance doors, which greet them by opening at speeds of up to 100 inches per second.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our best auto dealer principals have to say about Rytec doors:

At Roseburg Honda in Roseburg, Oregon, Rytec doors make a memorable impact: “Nothing makes my job easier than to have a customer wowed,” says Service Manager Mark Baptista.

“When customers arrive, everything seems to go a little bit easier just by being greeted by a Rytec door. The doors constantly go up and down, and our customers are always impressed. I can’t think of a better first impression. I’d recommend Rytec doors to anyone who has a service drive.”

Rytec doors help Luther Subaru in Bloomington, Minnesota service approximately 150 cars daily. “The speed of the doors keeps the flow of customers moving quickly through the service drive,” says Service Manager John Rainen.

He calls the aesthetics of the doors “top-notch,” which support both his staff and customers. “You can see through them, so my service advisors can see incoming traffic and customers can see if there are cars in front of them. They’re high speed, which means greater energy efficiency with keeping the heat in and the cold out. They’re also nice and quiet.”

Mark Miller Toyota in Salt Lake City was the first LEED®-certified green automobile dealership in the western United States. It chose Rytec high-performance doors in its service area for their fast, energy-efficient performance.

“Not only do they let a lot of light into the workspace, but they’re able to cut temperature down in our shop because I don’t have to wait for the door to open or close,” explains Service Manager Brian Lawrence. “When it comes to comfort and convenience, it’s quite a contrast from our old shop.”

He adds that the Rytec doors help the showroom use about 25% of the energy that a normal showroom would. Inside the shop, he estimates they use about 63% of the energy of a traditional shop.

Plus, the doors create a welcoming environment for customers, setting the stage for a positive customer experience. “We’re raising the bar in what the car dealership looks like.”

At Audi Wilsonville in Wilsonville, Oregon, Service Director Chris Aldworth appreciates the efficient workflow the Spiral® doors provide.

“The technicians don’t have to stop and wait for the door to open enough for them to drive underneath. The door will go up in a matter of seconds as they roll toward it. Once they clear the door, it closes in about one-quarter of the time a standard door does.”

The Spiral doors also make a big difference in energy costs: “The doors open and close so rapidly that we’re not constantly having to fight against a drop in temperature, which causes the heating system to kick in to bring the workshop back up to operating temperature.”

In addition, Aldworth loves how the Spiral doors create a positive first impression for customers: “When they see the doors, they’re dazzled by their design and the efficiency they represent.”

Finally, Rytec doors are helping to elevate the customer experience center at Lindsay Automotive Group in Springfield, Virginia. Tim Doyle, Body Shop Director, describes the service lanes and the doors that provide access to them as “the living room that welcomes people into our operations.”

“The greeting of the high-speed doors is just so impressive that it sets the tone for the entire experience that we have with the customer,” he emphasizes. “You never would have thought that something like a door could make such a difference in the feel of customer service, but it really has. The Rytec high-speed door has elevated that experience.”

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