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Clean Room Doors: Engineered to Maximize Cleanliness & Productivity


Clean room doors: Engineered to maximize cleanliness and productivity

Clean rooms must conform to strict government regulations. But they must also be productive and cost-effective facilities. High-performance doors are part of that equation. They not only help their owners maintain a germ-free environment, but they also help to keep raw materials and finished goods moving efficiently to market. And they’re designed to ensure compliance with cGMP and FDA regulations.

Here are some ways that high-performance doors contribute to maximum efficiency and cleanliness in food and beverage production, cold storage and pharmaceutical operations.

Efficient Operation

Efficiency is a must in these fast-paced, demanding environments. Due to significant differences in temperature and pressure from one area to another, they present unique separation, sealing and security challenges. High-performance doors are specially engineered to keep clean room facilities operating at maximum efficiency and peak productivity.

High-performance doors open and close quickly at speeds up to 50 inches per second. They also seal tightly when closed, which makes them ideal for clean room applications where specific temperature, humidity and pressure conditions must be maintained. They also help to keep raw materials and finished goods moving efficiently, 24/7.

The speed of these doors also minimizes the potential for vehicle/door collisions. In the event one does occur, some high-performance doors are designed to release from their tracks. This prevents damage to the door as well as the material handling vehicle and its load, and prevents entrapment of operators and pedestrians in the doorway. These doors can be automatically reset and operational in minutes, minimizing operational disruptions and the potential for food spoilage.

Touchless Operation

wave to open touchless operation Clean room environments are designed to minimize the need for workers to touch surfaces. This helps to prevent the spread of viruses, germs and other contaminants. That’s why high-performance clean room doors are equipped with touchless activation systems. Common options include:

  • Wave-to-open: A worker waves their hand in front of a sensor to activate the door. This option is ideal for small operations with a significant amount of foot traffic.
  • Motion detector and presence sensors: These devices recognize when there is movement approaching the door and open it automatically.
  • Enhanced multi-functional devices: They can be programmed to perform a variety of actions depending on the type of movement near the door.

Engineered for Cleanliness

High-performance clean room doors not only need to operate with high efficiency and flawless reliability, but they also need to be designed to clean quickly and remain germ-free:

  • Tight seals help maintain clean room conditions when these doors are closed.
  • A fully-enclosed 304 stainless steel hood and side frame covers can protect exposed door components to prevent contamination and eliminate places where germs can grow.
  • A sloped gutter on the bottom bar can help prevent liquid contaminants from dripping into the door opening.
  • Corrosion- and chemical-resistant materials can help ensure a long life for these hard-working doors.

Rytec offers door models that meet multiple guidelines and compliance needs, with a wide variety of touch-free automation options. Contact us today to discuss your clean room door needs.

Learn more about Rytec clean room doors here.


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