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How High-Performance Doors Keep Manufacturing Facilities Productive in Extreme Climates


How high-performance doors keep manufacturing facilities productive in extreme climatesFrom the bitterly cold winters of northern Canada to the sweltering heat and humidity of summer along the Gulf Coast, manufacturing facilities must operate in the most extreme weather conditions imaginable.

High-performance doors are the first line of defense against the elements – from extreme heat, humidity, rain and tropical storms in the southeastern U.S. to subzero temperatures, snow and wind in northern climates. Here’s how they contribute to the productivity and safety of manufacturers throughout North America:

Fast open and close speeds. Often, manufacturing facilities use high-performance doors to separate loading dock areas from climate-controlled production areas. With their fast opening and closing speeds, these efficient doors reduce air exchange between areas, reducing energy costs. They also help keep raw materials and finished products moving efficiently throughout the facility.

Energy efficiency. Specially designed seals on the sides and bottom of high-performance doors form a tight seal when the door is closed. That means your building’s HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the building at a constant, comfortable temperature. Some high-performance fabric doors are available with insulated panels for even greater energy efficiency.

In addition, some models of Rytec fabric doors can be equipped with wind bars, enabling them to withstand high winds that are common during winter months. This helps the door maintain a tight seal and prevents wind damage.

For the most extreme winter environments, high-performance rigid rolling doors provide the ultimate security. Rytec’s Spiral® doors are equipped with double-walled aluminum slats, integral rubber weather seals and a heavy-duty hinge system help to protect manufacturing facilities from Mother Nature’s worst weather conditions.

Safety. During cold winter weather, the fast opening and closing speeds of high-performance doors help to limit the formation of frost or ice around door openings, for improved worker safety.

Some models of Rytec high-performance fabric doors can take a hit from a forklift or other equipment and break away to reduce damage to the door, equipment and workers. Instead of absorbing the force of the impact, the door panel lifts out of its tracks and easily moves out of the way without being damaged.

To reset the door, a worker simply aligns the bottom of the door to the side of the opening where the motor is located. Then, by pressing the door activation button, the door quickly restores itself to full operation in seconds, without the need for tools.

Fast-Seal Screen HPDKeep pests out. In hot, humid southern climates, insects can sometimes be a problem for manufacturing facilities. High-performance fabric doors can be equipped with screens that improve ventilation, while also keeping flying insects and other pests outside – where they belong.

Now’s the time to consider upgrading your manufacturing facility with high-performance doors. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Learn more about Rytec High-Performance doors for manufacturing here.


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