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Energy Efficiency in Parking Facilities: The Impact of High-Speed Doors


Energy Efficient Parking Doors

An efficient parking operation isn’t just about maximizing space for vehicles. It’s also about designing facilities for optimal energy performance. Statistics have shown that a parking structure typically uses 5% to 20% of the energy of its supported building. That can add up every month in terms of energy use and costs.

When it comes to energy management and productivity, doors can be overlooked as an opportunity to improve efficiency in parking structures. The high-speed, high-cycle operation of high-performance doors ensures minimal maintenance, increased safety and better energy efficiency. They’re specifically engineered for high-traffic environments like parking facilities for reliable day-in and day-out use.

High-Speed Operation

With opening speeds between 60 to 100 inches per second, high-performance doors support parking facilities with frequent open-and-close cycles. They keep up with the fast pace and reduce waiting for doors to open or close.

Less Air Infiltration

Fast opening and closing speeds help minimize air infiltration between parking facilities and outside areas, and reduce energy loss through service load. Specially designed seals on the sides and bottom of high-performance doors form a tight, energy-efficient seal when the door is closed. This protects against significant air exchange between indoor and outdoor areas, helping improve environmental control within the parking structure. High-performance doors also offer fabric and rubber options that provide excellent separation between areas and from environmental variants.


Thermal properties, such as insulated panels, can be incorporated into a high-speed door to prevent heat loss between different areas within a facility. This solution can significantly reduce energy costs, create a more comfortable work environment, and contribute to sustainability efforts .

Tight Seals

Integral rubber weatherseals and a low-maintenance design provide energy efficiency and optimal performance in a variety of conditions. High-performance doors can also have insulated panels and tight perimeter seals to provide exceptional energy savings when closed. Full-height vinyl weather seals in side columns, edge-to-edge seals at the top of the door, and low-temperature vinyl seals along the bottom of high-performance doors provide a tight full-perimeter seal when the door is closed, helping conserve energy.

Boost Energy Efficiency In Your Parking Structure

If your parking facility still uses traditional slow-moving overhead doors made with inefficient seals and materials, you’re missing an opportunity to reduce energy usage and costs. Rytec offers a wide variety of high-performance doors built for energy efficiency in parking facilities. View our selection of doors for parking.

Contact us today to discuss how a high-performance door can help you maximize efficiency and save energy costs in your parking structure.

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