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Securing Facilities with High-Performance Doors


Maintaining security and control is essential to ensuring the safety of your building, its visitors and staff members. That’s why it’s critical to install doors that support security while enhancing access to your facility. High-performance doors allow controlled movement through any kind of building so everyone can safely get where they need to go – without jeopardizing security.

Security for Any Application

From self-storage buildings and entertainment arenas to banks and restaurants, high-performance doors can meet the needs of many applications.

Security Facilities with High-Performance Doors

Financial Services

Rytec worked on a bank’s unique application and installed the Spiral® VP lower speed/lower cycle door between the interior lobby and the exterior ATM vestibule. This door ensures bank customers and the public can easily access the ATM 24/7, while maintaining bank security beyond business hours.


Spiral VP Restaurant Transition Area


This restaurant added a Spiral® VP lower speed/lower cycle door between its indoor and outdoor dining areas. When closed, the door’s full-vision slats allow sunlight to stream into the restaurant, giving customers a light and bright dining experience. It also restricts unwanted entry into the restaurant through the outdoor area. The door also opens to expand the dining area and allow customers to move freely between the outdoor patio and indoor dining room.

Spiral Arena Application

Entertainment Arenas

Rytec installed a Spiral® high-performance door in the Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, Arizona (formerly Arena). This state-of-the-art, multi-purpose facility has hosted numerous world-class concerts and events since opening in December 2003. Rytec’s door helps control access and restrict unwanted movement to the arena floor from the backstage area.

Spiral Self-Storage Doors

Storage Facilities

The self-storage industry has grown to more than 1.8 billion ft2 of space, with one in five Americans using these services. Because of these growing numbers, securing access points in your storage facility is more important than ever. For example, tailgating (or piggybacking) can happen when an unauthorized person driving behind an authorized vehicle gains access to a building before the overhead door closes.

High-speed doors for self-storage close quickly and support high-tech solutions that reduce the risk of unauthorized individuals accessing your facility. Rytec’s Spiral® rigid rolling high-performance doors offer excellent security and reliability, with the option to add full-width window slats that provide extra safety and additional light into storage buildings.

Technology Supports Safety

Spiral® high-performance doors are equipped with many safety features designed for facility security.

Secure Construction

The Spiral® rolling door is crafted with a rigid panel that consists of a highly secure wall of interconnected slats with reinforced hinges. Each individual slat in the panel is locked within the spiral track for precision and security. This eliminates the need for a second security door. It also includes integral rubber weatherseals and a heavy-duty hinge system for solid security.

Fast Speeds

Spiral doors can open and close up to 60 inches per second, enhancing traffic flow and security in any facility. Their fast opening and closing speeds sharply reduce the potential for unauthorized access to parking areas and within buildings. They also reduce the likelihood of vehicle-door collisions.

SmartSurround® Advanced Detection and Alert System

This advanced detection and alert system features next-generation pattern recognition and advanced traffic-sensing technology to enhance doorway safety. By combining artificial intelligence, optical light curtains and high-intensity signaling lights in a single unit, it creates an active four-corner perimeter guard that extends beyond the door threshold while minimizing the impact on valuable floor space near the door opening. SmartSurround® allows the door to detect and respond to traffic while providing a visual cue for vehicles and pedestrians in the immediate area. This helps deter loitering around door openings with flashing lights triggered by suspicious behavior.

Advanced³ Light Curtain Safety System

This system continuously monitors the door and the adjacent areas for any potential obstructions, helping prevent collisions and keeping the door closed when authorized vehicles aren’t in the area. It offers intelligent signal processing to continuously monitor door openings for improved door performance and longevity.
Spiral® High-Performance Doors Improve Security

When you need to improve security in your facility, you need a Spiral® high-performance door. Contact us to discuss how we can meet your application and building’s needs.


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