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Enhance Efficiency in Airports with High-Performance Doors


Airport Efficiency

Airports around the world must maintain operational efficiency, particularly at openings where baggage tugs transport baggage between the airplanes and terminals. Tugs quickly move baggage carts in and out of baggage handling areas where passengers’ luggage is transferred to connecting flights or baggage carousels. They play a crucial role in the logistics of baggage handling, helping streamline operations throughout the airport.

The doors used on these openings have a significant impact on efficiency. Traditional overhead doors struggle to meet the demands of these environments because of their slow opening speed and inability to handle the high number of open-and-close cycles that these openings require. This results in tugs waiting for slow doors to open, increased door impacts, reduced employee comfort in cold weather climates and excessive ongoing maintenance to keep the doors in operation.

High-performance doors, on the other hand, open quickly to reduce/eliminate tug wait time, reduce the probability of door impacts, help maintain a comfortable working environment for employees and drastically reduce ongoing maintenance.

High-Performance Doors Are Tailored for Airports

In particular, Rytec Fast-Seal® high-performance fabric roll-up doors are engineered to address many challenges in airports, offering a range of features designed to enhance efficiency and reduce maintenance.

Fast Operation. One of the hallmarks of high-performance doors is their rapid opening and closing speeds – some models up to 50 inches per second. This high-speed operation minimizes the cycle time of the doors for a smoother traffic flow and reduces the loss of heat in winter months.

Durability. Airport environments demand doors that can withstand heavy use, high winds and harsh conditions. The Rytec Fast-Seal is designed specifically for these types of applications and includes features – 3-ply panel material, dual counterweights, curtain tensioning system, wind bars and more – that are critical for success on both small or large openings in airport applications

Fast, Tool-Free Reset. Fast-Seal® doors are built with a patented Break-Away™ bottom bar that can release in either direction after an accidental impact and can be reset in seconds without tools.

Reduced Maintenance. High-performance doors are designed for high cycles and require significantly less maintenance than conventional doors. Their high-speed operation also reduces the chance of accidental impacts. As mentioned, in the event that a door is impacted, some models feature a break-away bottom bar, allowing the door to be reset and back in operation quickly, reducing downtime and costly damage to the door.

Increased Employee Comfort. The Fast-Seal opens at up to 50 inches per second to reduce opening and closing times and minimize air exchange between the exterior environment and temperature-controlled interior areas. Dual full-height weatherseals, a seal at the opening header and a vinyl loop seal at the bottom of the door also assist in maintaining a comfortable environment for employees.

Improved Satisfaction. By minimizing downtime and facilitating a smooth traffic flow for baggage tugs and carts, high-performance doors improve operational efficiency in airport baggage handling areas, supporting faster turnaround times for flights and improving passenger satisfaction.

Learn more about Rytec’s Fast-Seal® doors for airports and transit facilities. Or contact us to discuss how Rytec’s high-performance doors are the right fit for airports.



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