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Reducing Maintenance and Increasing Reliability in Self-Storage Operations


Reliable Self-Storage

It’s estimated the United States has nearly 2 billion square feet of self-storage space – and this number is expected to grow over the next five years. As these facilities become more sophisticated and indoor temperature-controlled buildings gain popularity, technology will play a critical role in enhancing operations. Exterior doors at entrances and exits are essential to ensuring seamless functionality. Doors around the exterior of the building must help maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature inside the building, while requiring less maintenance and delivering high reliability.

High-performance doors not only provide the advanced features necessary for tech-savvy facilities, they offer advanced design and construction that help reduce maintenance, increase reliability and enhance operational efficiency.

Minimal Maintenance. High-performance doors are specifically engineered for durability and reliability, allowing them to withstand the rigors of daily use in self-storage environments. With minimal moving parts and advanced engineering, these doors require less maintenance compared to traditional sectional doors. Features like energy-efficient motors and self-diagnostic controllers also minimize maintenance requirements for trouble-free, efficient operation.

Durable Materials. High-performance doors are typically made with highly durable materials. For example, Rytec rigid aluminum Spiral® doors are sleek yet secure, while Spiral® FV® doors feature durable aluminum-framed LEXAN vision slats, and Spiral® HZ® doors are engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds.

Longer Lifespans. Conventional doors usually operate with continuous metal-to-metal contact, shortening the lifespan of parts and the door. Rytec Spiral® doors have no metal-on-metal contact, resulting in a longer lifespan. In addition, Rytec doors use a variable-speed AC drive system that enables soft acceleration and deceleration to increase the life of the door’s operating components.

Advanced Technologies. Many self-storage facilities rely on new technologies to cater to people’s evolving needs and preferences. Unlike conventional doors, high-performance doors offer a range of high-tech options that meet this need, while ensuring doors operate smoothly, day in and day out.

  • Our SmartSurround® Advanced Detection and Alert System, offered on most Rytec Spiral® doors, uses artificial intelligence, optical light curtains and high-intensity LED safety lights to detect and respond to traffic while providing a visual cue for vehicles and pedestrians in the immediate area. It helps facilities deter loiterers, helping to ensure your customers’ property and sense of safety remain secure in your facility.
  • The Advanced System 4® Controller can integrate with door opening security systems to enable a wide variety of action/response triggers, particularly important when traffic is blocking the light curtain or photo-eye safety devices.
  • The Rytec Connect® remote door monitoring and management system uses cloud-based technology to monitor door status, receive preventive alerts and view live maps of all door locations 24/7.

Safe and Secure. Many high-performance doors are available with a wide variety of features to maintain security, including rigid aluminum double-walled slats for security and high-speed, integral rubber weatherseals for secure performance in various weather conditions.

Reduced Costs. Because high-speed doors require much less maintenance and repairs than conventional doors, they also help facilities minimize ongoing costs. Door speed also reduces the chance of doors being hit by a passing vehicle, which reduces downtime and costly damage to the door – and to the vehicle hitting it.

Rytec provides a full portfolio of high-performance doors to reduce maintenance and increase reliability in self-storage facilities and other exterior applications. Contact us to discuss how Rytec high-performance doors can enhance operations in your self-storage facilities.


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