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A New Era for Remote Door Access


Rytec Activation & Access Remote Control phone appOwners of large, multi-use buildings face a unique challenge: they must be able to provide multiple groups of users with easy, secure parking structure access based on their needs – without creating an administrative headache in the process.

Here are two common scenarios: A large commercial building complex may contain apartments, hotel, a health club, restaurants and multiple offices and stores. Each one has customers and users who must access the parking structure at different days and times. Hospitals, on the other hand, have patients who are staying for extended periods of time, as well as family members who need extended access to the parking structure.

Until now, there hasn’t been a solution that has simplified access management for both building owners and others that may need access to the building.

There’s an App for That

Commercial buildings have been moving in the direction of smartphone-based access control apps because they’re more secure and flexible than physical devices like key cards and wireless fobs. Those devices can easily be lost or stolen, and key fobs can be damaged easily or stop working when their batteries wear out. Replacing and reprogramming them can be time-consuming and costly for building owners, especially if they manage large numbers of users.

First-generation access control software makes it easy for users to access buildings using only their smartphone, but often lacks an easy-to-use, intuitive web portal where building owners can efficiently create, modify and delete user accounts and permissions.

As a result, they’re dependent upon the suppliers of these systems to do user administration for them. That makes it almost impossible to manage the permissions of transient users such as hotel guests.

Rytec’s new Activation and Access Remote Control (AARC) technology puts the power in the hands of building owners and managers by providing a simple, easy-to-use system that integrates with its high-speed roll-up doors.

AARC enables app-based Bluetooth activation from within 50 feet of a door, or 3G activation without distance limitations. It can be used in combination with programmable key fobs, which is ideal for older residents who may not be comfortable using a smartphone app to activate their building’s doors.

User accounts and permissions can be easily added, managed and deleted via an intuitive, spreadsheet-like interface, making it possible to accommodate the needs of many types of users. Permissions can be set to expire at a customizable date and time for each user.

In addition, the AARC web portal provides detailed reporting, so building owners can monitor any unusual patterns of activity. It also can be programmed to transmit a “door open” message to the building manager if a user forgets to close the door.

Because AARC is designed to be used with Rytec doors, building owners no longer need to hire a third-party integrator to install and configure controllers for each door. AARC’s integrated control system is simple and reliable.

This combination of ease of installation and use makes AARC an affordable, flexible option for mixed-use facilities, hospitals and other buildings with large parking structures and a combination of short-term and long-term parking needs.

If your parking structure has more than 300 users with a variety of usage scenarios, and you need to simplify access management, then the simple, affordable AARC system from Rytec is worth a closer look.

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