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Door Safety In Auto Dealerships


Spiral FV Auto DoorsIn a busy auto dealership, high-speed rolling doors keep the service department moving efficiently, day in and day out.

Customers, technicians, service representatives and vehicles form a constant procession through the threshold of this busy nerve center. Service bay doors may open and close hundreds of times a day. While doing so, they must also protect this parade of people and vehicles from injury and damage.

The following are some of the most common safety features and systems that ensure that people and vehicles are protected as they enter and leave the service department.

Activation Sensors

Door manufacturers offer several door activation options, depending upon the application and the volume of vehicular traffic:

  • Automatic activation devices, such as floor loop sensors, motion detectors and presence detectors, provide a hands-free method of opening and closing doors for a variety of traffic situations.
  • Enhanced activation devices not only monitor the areas immediately in front of the door but enable programmable operation based on activity in areas adjacent to it.
  • Manual activation options, such as pushbuttons, remote controls and pull cords, that are suitable for areas with low or predictable traffic levels.

Safety Light Systems

Safety light systems are designed to provide increased safety and warning in the door threshold. They detect if a person or other obstruction is blocking the door’s path and prevent it from closing.

Other safety light systems provide visual indicators near the door – such as a flashing amber light – that warn nearby workers that the door panel is about to move. Ideally, they need to attract attention from nearly any angle or direction of travel, to ensure that they will be seen when and where it’s most critical.

Reversing Bottom Edge

Depending on the safety features selected on a high-speed rolling door, the reversing bottom edge provides yet another safeguard. Equipped with responsive sensors located in the bottom edge of the door, it will immediately reverse if it senses an obstruction.

Photo Eyes

Photo eyes are another safety feature used to assess the area around the door to determine if it is safe to close or it needs to be opened. If their light beams are blocked or interrupted, they will prevent the door from closing. They can also trigger an alert to notify building management that something is preventing the door from closing.

Contact Rytec High Performance Doors today to discuss your service department door needs, and ensure safety for your customers and staff.

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