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How High-Performance Doors Enhance Building Security


How high-performance doors enhance building security

Many types of buildings and parking structures require enhanced security to help prevent vehicle thefts and ensure the safety and security of their residents and users. In numerous residential and commercial applications – including apartments, senior living facilities, mixed-use structures, hospitals, universities and government parking – modern high-performance doors provide a valued measure of safety and security.

In some urban areas, building owners encounter problems with unauthorized visitors “tailgating” or “piggybacking” – following closely behind a resident’s vehicle to sneak into the parking structure before the door closes. Parking structures of high-end residential buildings that contain exotic or higher-end, luxury brand automobiles are prime targets for this practice.

In other cases, thieves may use the parking structure to break into vehicles or gain unauthorized access to the building itself, putting its residents or users at risk of robbery or other crimes. Many secure parking lots have poorly-lit entrances, making it easy for people to sneak in without being detected.

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How high-speed rolling doors can help

High-speed rolling doors are ideally suited to solve these challenges. Here’s why.

First, their fast opening and closing speeds sharply reduce the potential for tailgating, piggybacking or people on foot sneaking in through the doorway. They also reduce the potential for accidental vehicle impacts while adding an impressive “Wow!” factor to the building. 

Modern high-performance doors are ruggedly built to help building owners maintain a secure environment and ensure long-lasting operation. Features such as optional vision slats provide visibility through the door, while ventilated slats can be incorporated into it for air exchange. The rugged yet elegant look of high-speed doors can also enhance the building’s aesthetic appeal as well as residents’ and users’ feelings of safety and security.

How high-performance doors enhance building security

Spiral® VT (Ventilated Door) above left, Spiral® FV® (Full Vision) above right.

Further, in high traffic environments like these, door dependability is a must. Reliable doors help building owners maintain a smooth flow of vehicles into and out of the parking structure while ensuring building security. Modern, high-speed rolling doors are designed with minimal maintenance in mind – with energy-efficient motors and self-diagnostic controllers – to ensure trouble-free, efficient operation, day in and day out.

Today’s high-performance doors offer multiple options for access control, including mobile apps, wireless key fobs and traditional key cards. They can also be connected to a cloud-based access management portal which enables building owners to control access rights based on each resident’s and user’s unique needs.

In busy urban areas, where residents have many options for housing, it’s easy to see how a high-performance door can help building owners enhance security, differentiate their properties and successfully attract more tenants and owners.

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