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Heavy Equipment Requires Heavy-Duty Doors


Heavy Equipment Requires Heavy-Duty Door

Mobile heavy equipment is used, repaired and stored in some of the world’s harshest environments. Therefore, it needs to be protected by doors that are just as tough.

Around the world, mines, quarries and construction sites are located in remote areas that experience brutal environmental extremes – from 100-degree plus temperatures in desert and tropical regions to minus 50 degrees in extreme northern climates like the massive tar sand mines of Alberta.

Companies that operate heavy-duty equipment are keenly focused on maximizing their productivity. They employ aggressive, data-based strategies like predictive maintenance to maximize the uptime and return on investment of their machinery.

These extreme environments demand service and storage building doors that are up to the challenge. Here are their must-have characteristics:

First, these doors must have rugged, industrial-strength construction. Heavy-duty rubber panels provide excellent durability and flexibility, regardless of variations in ambient temperature and weather conditions. Self-supporting structural steel side columns are a plus, along with an anodized aluminum bottom beam that resists corrosion.

In addition, because many of these work sites are in remote, windswept areas, doors must be designed to dynamically respond to high-pressure wind loads.

Heavy equipment doors must also withstand impacts when machines collide with them. The rubber door needs to release without damage to the panel, the side frames or the bottom bar, and be able to be reset within minutes. Minimizing door downtime helps these facilities keep their production equipment as productive as possible.

Heavy equipment requires heavy-duty doors

High-speed operation – with fast opening and closing speeds – helps to minimize the odds of equipment collisions and also provides another key benefit: to help maintain a comfortable environment for the workers inside these facilities.

To help keep heavy equipment productive, excellent door uptime is a must. The types of doors that perform best in these demanding environments feature simple designs with minimal wear to the door’s parts. Direct-drive variable-speed motors with integrated controls and diagnostics help to ensure trouble-free operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How can high-speed roll-up doors help to streamline your heavy equipment service and storage needs? Contact Rytec High Performance Doors today to discuss your requirements.

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