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Your Guide to Touchless Activation Options for Clean Room Doors


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During the current coronavirus pandemic, hands-free activation and touchless operation are crucial to ensure safe, hygienic access to plants, workplaces and parking facilities. This is essential, especially when it comes to clean room facilities. 

Due to stringent regulations, most pharmaceutical and life sciences products must be produced in clean room conditions – and a clean room door is the first step to ensure a safe and clean environment. Hands-free operation on these doors minimizes manual touch zones to help:

  • Control the spread of germs or viruses
  • Reduce the risk of chemical contamination
  • Ensure increased safety for staff
  • Improve productivity with more efficient traffic flow

Activation options for high-performance doors

High-performance clean room doors are specially designed to ensure the highest levels of purity and quality in your clean room to support regulatory compliance and product quality. Among other benefits, clean room doors offer a wide range of touchless activation options not typically found on traditional doors.

Automatic activation devices provide a hands-free method of opening and closing doors for a variety of environments. They manage high traffic flow environments effectively and are suitable for a wide variety of applications and conditions, including medical facilities, pharmaceutical operations and food storage.

Hands-free activation options 

Induction floor loop sensor (above or below the surface) – This is an electronic or electromagnetic device that senses the presence of vehicles or equipment to automatically open doors.

Motion/presence detector – A device that automatically opens doors when it detects movement or the presence of people and equipment. This option offers greater flexibility and reliable performance in high-traffic areas.

Wave-to-open sensor – A contact-free upgrade from pull cords or push plates to automatically open doors and help improve traffic flow.

Multi-function device – Some devices, such as the LZR®-WIDESCAN, manage not only the desired activation area but also enable customized definition of detection area. This enables building managers to customize the detection zone adjacent to the doorway. This can be especially useful when untrained personnel must interact with the door.

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Rytec offers door models that meet multiple guidelines and compliance needs, with a wide variety of touch-free automation options. Contact us today to discuss your clean room door needs.

Learn more about Rytec clean room doors here.


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