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The Advantages of a Flexible Bottom Edge on High-Performance Doors


FlexTec flexible cooler door

In today’s manufacturing facilities and warehouses, high-performance doors are an essential element of efficient and safe operations. Modern high-performance doors offer advanced safety features that keep forklift operators and other personnel safe in their busy work environments. 

Soft Edge High‐Performance Doors

The flexible‐edge door features and advanced technology of the Rytec® FlexTec® high-performnace door assure unmatched performance and durability. In addition, the soft edge virtually eliminates entrapment concerns and provides an extra measure of safety within high‐traffic areas.

The door’s bottom edge is engineered to flex around obstructions and its panel releases from side columns when struck. It also automatically self-repairs without user intervention if impacted from either direction. Along with its soft bottom edge, an opening speed of up to 100 inches per second helps provide additional protection against impact while safeguarding high‐traffic environments.

Here’s a closer look at some of its safety- and productivity-enhancing features:

ladder holding up a flexible bottom high performance door

Flexible bottom edge: Doors equipped with this feature can easily flex around obstructions and help prevent entrapment. A flexible edge also means that the bottom edge of the door moves out of the way if struck by a material handling vehicle or worker, without damaging the door.

Light curtain safety system: The FlexTec® door is equipped with a light curtain detection system. When the light beams are interrupted by an obstruction, the door will automatically stop and reverse. This reduces the risk of collisions between material-handling vehicles or people and high-speed doors.

Self-repairing design: Some high-speed doors have a quick reset feature to put the door back in service in less than a minute, minimizing downtime. They include a self-repairing option that eliminates user intervention if the door is impacted.

For example, FlexTec® doors can take a hit and break away to reduce potential damage to the door. After an accidental impact from either direction, the self-repair system quickly restores the door panel without tools or user intervention. Once the repair system is engaged, the door is restored and fully operational in seconds.

Flex Your Door Power

See how a flexible bottom edge on high-performance doors could help improve safety and efficiency in your warehouse or manufacturing facility.


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